Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski in Love Is Blind Season 6
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Love Is Blind Season 6’s Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick Are Dating

Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski shocked us all when they revealed they’ve been dating since leaving the pods after Love Is Blind Season 6. 

During last night’s reunion episode, the couple gave an update on their relationship to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. They explained that they decided to give things a shot following Jeramey’s split from co-star Laura Dadisman. That separation was shown in an earlier episode. “I fell in love with Jeramey as a person, and we’ve had a strong connection since the beginning of this experiment,” Sarah Ann said. She added that she loves Jeramey “with all my heart.” 

Sarah Ann and Jeramey moved in with each other after filming Love Is Blind Season 6

Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski at the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

As viewers saw, Jeramey and Sarah rode off into the sunset on jetskis during one of the season’s final episodes. Since then, they’ve explored their relationship further and eventually moved in together. “We’ve had times where we’ve contemplated separating from each other, we’ve had times where we had to make up in order to make that happen. And at the end of it, we ended up moving in together in October,” Sarah revealed. 

Jeramey continued: “We did realize fighting through things continuously that we do love each other… not everything’s been perfect, but we’re still fighting for that every single day.”

Both Netflix stars also faced backlash from their cast mates during the reunion. Jessica Vestal blasted Sarah for being a “pick-me” girl, while Chelsea Blackwell and AD Smith voiced their frustrations about Sarah messaging an engaged man. 

Laura, who videoed in from Europe, continued to slam Jeramey, calling him a “clown” for his behavior on camera. The reality star was accused of cheating with Sarah Ann during a night out. He didn’t return from that night out, until 5 a.m. 

Jeramey reflected on his shocking behavior online recently, writing, “I don’t condone how I acted during this. I’m even watching this back like ‘WTF?’”

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