Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4 Recap: Which Player Wanted To Face the Banker?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4 recap
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC via Getty Images

Welcome back! Let’s dive right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4 recap. Last time, Claudia faced off against the Banker in a bid to send Kim home. She took his deal, but the amount in Claudia’s case was higher, so she was eliminated. This week’s episode, titled “Are You Intuitive?” shows off the players’ best poker faces. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 4, “Are You Intuitive?”

Aron is in demand

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The morning after Claudia was eliminated, Kim boasted that she “is like a cat” and has “a couple of extra lives that I didn’t even know about.” Kim is laser-focused on eliminating Boston Rob.

While the group, at Miranda’s suggestion, discussed what they were grateful for, Amy stole Aron away. She told him that she wanted to be in the final two with him. And the reason? She can beat him physically. Amy explained to Aron that she didn’t want to see Nick and Rob win the money. Amy wanted “two average Joes” that could use the cash to win.

In his confessional, Aron explained that he won’t tell Amy no to her face. But he was staying loyal to Alyssa and Rob. Aron informed Nick and Rob that Amy mentioned their names. “That’s snake sh*t, dude,” Rob said.

Amy has a meltdown

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4 recap
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Meanwhile, Amy was on the porch, watching Aron, Nick, and Rob talking. Amy was feeling “sketched out” by the trio. Well, duh. Your plan just blew up.

Then, Rob and Nick approached Alyssa and Stephanie. As always, Rob was concerned about his fellow cast members. He loves to keep them “entertained.” Today, Rob planted some seeds that Amy was untrustworthy. Speaking of untrustworthy, why has no one called out Stephanie for refusing to follow the plan about taking Kim’s case?

As Amy watched Rob’s charm offensive, she was seething and planning to take Rob out. Amy reflected on how her husband is down to earth and calm and keeps her grounded.

Unfortunately, Amy’s husband wasn’t there, because Amy decided to have a tirade on the porch. Rob put on a hat and settled in to enjoy Amy’s meltdown. “When I win immunity tonight, I’m blowing this sh*t up!” she exclaimed. Rob asked, “What happened?” And the Oscar goes to … Boston Rob!

Beach blanket bluffing

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The group met Joe near the beach. The Banker wanted to test the players’ intuition. The guests were randomly divided into two teams. One player from each team will compete in each round. Team members will race their boats out to a floating platform, which contains unmarked cases.

Each person must grab two cases and bring them back to the beach. The first person back has the power. They can decide whether to “bluff” or “guess.”

If a guest chooses to bluff, they must look at both cases. Then they must convince their opponent to pick the case with the lower value. Of course, their competitor cannot see the case amounts. Or, if a player guesses, they try to read the bluffer and guess which case has the higher value.

The team with the highest combined case value wins and is safe from elimination. And any member of the losing team could face the Banker. This is crazy! Each team must choose a captain. The captain of the winning team will decide who will face the Banker at the Temple.

Gold Team:

  • Dawson (Captain)
  • Boston Rob
  • Nick
  • Kim
  • Stephanie

Silver Team:

  • Amy (Captain)
  • Alyssa
  • Jordan
  • Aron
  • Miranda

Boston Rob is on fire

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4 recap
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

“Poker is less about bluffing. It’s more about analyzing the information, and making the correct move,” Rob said. He also has a degree in Psychology from Boston University. Wow. Who knew?

Dawson and Jordan were in the first round. He was back first, so Jordan will bluff. She has $600,000 and $90,000 in her cases. Rob told Dawson which case to select, and he took the $600,000 case.

Round two was Kim against Miranda. Miranda was back first and is the bluffer. Kim initially selected one case, but Rob convinced her to take the other one. She followed Rob’s lead and nabbed the $850,000 case instead of the $100,000.

Amy was the bluffer for round three, while Stephanie was the guesser. Amy works in the casino business, so she supposedly has no facial tell. Stephanie asked her questions, but Amy just shrugged. Finally, Rob told Stephanie which case to select. She won, taking a $750,000 case and leaving Amy with $75,000. Rob just added some extra reasons for Amy to love him.

Next up, Alyssa was the bluffer. Nick gave her the flirty “Brooklyn Nick” glances, but Alyssa was focused. And, as she reminded Nick, she is gay. Nick selected the $300,000 case, while the Silver Team added $1.5 million. Whoa! Where was Rob for this round?

A difficult face-off

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4
Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Rob and Aron were the final two. Rob talked to Aron at the dock, explaining that if Aron’s team wins, Amy will take him out.

Aron’s goal is to keep him and Alyssa safe. He decided that it was better to just let it play out. Also, Aron knew that Dawson would decide who went against the Banker, not Rob.

Aron was the bluffer, and Rob thought he knew which case to take. But Aron’s facial expressions fooled Rob. Rob ended up with the case worth $400,000, while Aron kept the $1.25 million case. What is happening right now? Did Aron bluff Boston Rob?

The Silver Team had a total of $3,015,000, while the Gold Team came in at $2,900,000. So, Amy will decide who plays against the Banker.

Rob told Amy that he wanted to play at the Temple. He believed that other people on his team, like Kim, would send him home. Then Dawson begged Amy to put him or Kim in the game. If Rob beats the Banker, he will send one of them home.

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

Boston Rob for Deal or No Deal Island
Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC

Boston Rob Mariano faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 4.

At the Temple, Joe asked Rob what he would do if he won in the finale. He explained that he has four daughters and he is playing the game for his family.

Rob chose case number four because his eldest daughter was born on the fourth of July. The Banker’s assistant, Ben, was also born on that day. Is this a good omen?

Rob had to open eight cases in the first round, and the first case was $1.25 million. He based his picks on his family’s birthdays, but this strategy is making me anxious. Then he lost the $1.5 million case. He has wiped off almost all the big amounts from the board.

Then a bat swooped in, just before the Banker called. The Banker’s offer was $49,000. Rob took the deal. But for it to be a good deal, his case must have less than $49,000. Rob felt confident. His case contained just $500, so he made a good deal. He and Joe high-fived as the group applauded.  

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 4?

Kim Mattina for Deal or No Deal Island
Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC

Kim Mattina was the fourth player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

Rob told his teammates on Team Silver, “Listen guys. This is the tough part of the game. I came in here, and I had a huge target on me, and Kim, you helped to make the target bigger,” he said. “I’m really sorry but I have to eliminate you.”

Then Joe asked Kim, “How much did it mean, being here, for you?” She tearfully responded, “More than you can imagine. At my age, you do not get these opportunities. They just do not come around.” She added, “And I’m so humble that I was selected to be here to come to the Banker’s island and be a part of this.”

In her final confessional, Kim was salty. “I have nothing to say to Rob. I’ve got nothing to say to somebody that can handle all those seasons of Survivor and a 62-year-old woman scared the sh*t out of him.”

As Kim walked offstage, the phone rang. The Banker has a question. He wanted to know who was the most trustworthy among the group. Rob selected Aron, and everyone agreed. Joe sent the group back to their tents. All except for Aron.

“Alright Aron, your fate in this game hangs in the balance, and you’ll find out what that means at the next excursion,” Joe explained. Poor Aron was left sitting in the Temple.

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.


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