Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 Recap: One Player Makes a Gutsy Move

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap
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Welcome back! Let’s dive right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap. Last time, Kim went against the Banker. She took his deal, adding $225,000 to the final case. She targeted Boston Rob’s group and sent Jamil home. This week’s episode, “Are You Fearless?” has the players tackle a terrifying challenge while trying to oust one player from the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3!

Boston Rob stirs up trouble

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3
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After the elimination, Kim tried to explain why she chose Jamil. Boston Rob let that slide, but he called Kim out on her comment about “kicking your ass.” Kim said that she was only joking. Rob acted as if he wasn’t convinced but fessed up in his confessional. He was just acting salty to get the heat off of him.

Claudia joined in. “I felt like it was kind of like a little bit of a slap in the face, because like since we’ve been here we’ve all been looking out for you,” she said.

In her confessional, Kim was angry and claimed that it was “game manipulation.” Duh! Kim complained to Alyssa about Rob and Claudia, calling them “those f*ckers.” And Alyssa, who trusted Rob and Aron the most, tattled to Rob. Now he really wants Kim off the island.

Then Alyssa told Claudia and a huge group of players what Kim said. Claudia called Kim “a b*tch” and went back to her conversation. Good job stirring the pot, Alyssa. And now Claudia also wants Kim gone.

The best-laid plans…

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap
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Alyssa had an idea. If everyone worked together, and someone got a case with a “steal,” then they could take Kim’s case. That would land Kim in the bottom two.

The only person who had an issue with this plan was Stephanie. However, she didn’t voice her concerns.

A high-flying excursion

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3
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The group headed to an excursion called the Swingers Club. Each player was hoisted to the top of the tree line, along with a sandbag. Then Joe, the host, would hit a button, sending the competitor swinging down. Each contestant would launch their sandbag at the game board below. Each tile had a monetary amount on it. And every tile that was hit would be added to the board for that night’s game at The Temple.

The player who hits the highest value tile will win immunity and choose who will face the Banker. But, since the Banker is devious, he also added two “steal” tiles to the game board. Whoever has their case stolen would possibly have a date with the Banker.

Rob went first and had some parting words for Joe. “They’re watching the best. We’re not dealing with rocket scientists over here.” Burn! Rob hits the $1 million target. Wow!

Kim was next, and she was afraid of heights. Yet, she still nailed the $50,000 tile. When no one applauded, Kim tried to hype up the crowd. And poor Stephanie was terrified of heights, so Joe spent a moment chatting with her before she was hoisted up. She started crying.

Stephanie’s bean bag landed on the “steal.” “No! This is the worst possible thing that could have happened! Oh my God!” she screamed after seeing where her bag landed.

The plan isn’t a secret anymore

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap
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Stephanie didn’t want to follow the plan to steal Kim’s case. She approached Boston Rob and told him that he needed to trust her. Immediately, other players urged her to take the lowest-value case. This floored Joe.

Boston Rob told her that everyone agreed to follow the same plan, and Stephanie threw him under the bus. “About?” she asked. But Rob was still being cagey.

Stephanie said that she didn’t know anything about it, but she clearly did. “I just wonder if she gets tired of getting up every morning and putting makeup on her two faces,” Alyssa quipped in her confessional.

Boston Rob stated that it wasn’t a secret that there was a target on him. Meanwhile, Claudia called Stephanie to the side. While Stephanie said that she wasn’t supposed to land on a “steal,” Claudia chastised her for ruining the plan.

Kim insisted to Rob that she wasn’t after him. He claimed that he had been very nice to Kim, but several people told him that she called him “a f*cker.” Claudia added that Kim also called her that. Kim responded that she only told that to one person. Well, I guess that makes it okay! Kim grates on my nerves. Then Rob countered that several people told him about the comment.

Don’t cross Claudia

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3
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Claudia decided to go after Kim. “I’ve been being fake nice to you today being respectful ’cause you’re my elder, but you’re wicked,” Claudia stated. Kim denied calling the former Deal or No Deal model names.

She continued to yell at Kim. “You fake cry with that Karen bullsh*t every time it gets hot … yes,” Claudia stated. Finally, Kim said she had nothing left to say to Claudia. But Claudia moved to the other end of the platform, continuing to bash Kim.

When she was finished, the group watched a tree suddenly fall. Was Claudia yelling loud enough to level a tree? Of course, Stephanie still needed to decide which case to take. Claudia sacrificed herself, telling Stephanie to take her $250,000 case. And when Claudia beats the Banker, Stephanie won’t be sent home. In the end, Stephanie took Claudia’s case.

Then the last two players took their shot. Aron landed on $45,000, and Alyssa nailed the $150,000. The issue? She was desperate for the “steal.”

The Rob and Aron show

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap
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Boston Rob had to choose between Aron and Claudia to face the Banker. And Rob won’t put Aron up.

The funniest part of the episode was Aron asking Boston Rob if he was a hero on Survivor: Heroes versus Villains. He was shocked that Rob was a villain.

In their shared confessional, Rob and Aron broke it down. “We’re the Boston brains. We’re actually the only ones with brains,” Rob said as Aron agreed. “We’ve got the brains. Obviously the beauty, and the charming personalities. What else do you need?” Rob commented.

Meanwhile, if Claudia beats the Banker, she isn’t sure if she will send Kim or Stephanie home. She knows what Kim’s game is, but Stephanie was a wild card.

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3
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Claudia Jordan faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3.

Joe asked Claudia what she would do with the money if she won at the end of the game. She said that she would take care of her mom and play high-stakes craps in Vegas.

Claudia selected case number one as her case, which was her case number on Deal or No Deal. She has to open nine cases in this round. Her first selection wipes the $1 million from the board. Yikes! For her final case, she asked Joe if she could open it. “Absolutely,” he responded. Props to Claudia for her case-opening skills.

The Banker called and offered $57,000. She declined the offer. In the second round, she had to select eight cases. The Banker called with his next offer, which was $180,000. There were only three cases left besides Claudia’s case. The amounts left on the board were $.01, $175,000, and $500,000.

Most of the group wanted her to take the deal, and she did.

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 3?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 3 recap
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Claudia was the third player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

Unfortunately, Claudia’s case had $500,000, so she was eliminated for making a bad deal. When asked how she was feeling, Claudia said, “I’m okay. I stand by what I said. I added $180,000 to the pot.”

In her final confessional, Claudia said, “The Banker claims he’s looking for someone fearless, and I think I proved that today by taking my destiny in my own hands and facing the Banker.”

Kim was happy that she wasn’t sent home. “Everybody did everything that they could today to make sure that I was out of the game. And I can forgive, but I don’t forget,” Kim said. “They’re gonna regret it.”

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.