Why Juan Dixon Could Be Even Worse Than RHOP Fans Realize

Juan Dixon
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

There is no denying that Juan Dixon has said and done some pretty awful things to his wife, Robyn Dixon. It has made it extremely hard for viewers to defend his actions. Perhaps the more startling realization is that if Juan is comfortable with the things he does in front of the cameras, fans can only imagine how he acts behind the scenes. Currently, the Real Housewives of Potomac couple are struggling, with many viewers wondering how much more toxic Juan can get. 

Juan Is Comfortable With Putting Robyn Down


It has become painfully obvious that Juan is not above shutting his wife’s feelings down when he starts to feel insecure. Robyn has done her best to placate Juan, especially when he becomes enraged and often makes excuses for his behavior. During the pandemic, Robyn tried explaining why she felt depressed and acknowledged her kids shouldn’t be eating takeaway every day. Instead of comforting his wife, Juan told the mother of two she was “lazy.” 

If Juan is happy to tell his wife that his lack of a schedule is a “turn-off” in front of cameras, what crazier things is he saying behind doors? Instead of standing up for herself, Robyn often laughs off the insults and starts to apologize. The worst seems to be Juan’s lack of accountability, as he often denies acting a fool even when caught. 

Juan Deletes Everything From His Phone


I don’t think that spouses should check their partner’s phones as it shows a significant lack of trust. But I did find it scandalous when Robyn noted, “Juan cleans his phone out like crazy. He deletes everything.” The Reasonably Shady podcast host is walking around with her head in the sand, which can be a major example of how her relationship is going. If Robyn is already ignoring major red flags it could indicate that the marriage is holding on by a thread. 

Personally, Juan and Robyn’s relationship comes across as more of a roommate situation. The two never seemed to match up romantically, and even after their first divorce, they got too comfortable living as buddies who shared rent responsibility and took care of their sons. The fact that she didn’t seem bothered by Juan’s constantly cleaned-out phone makes viewers feel he has either gaslit her or she is living in a delusional world where everything is okay. 

Juan’s Extreme Outbursts


One of the scariest moments we have seen from Juan would have to be when he was on the phone with Robyn while the gals were in Mexico. The word on the street was that Juan had a girlfriend whom he paraded around Georgetown with, as Karen Huger happily added, was her doppelgänger. Robyn was only relaying the information to Juan, but the college coach became enraged, cutting off Robyn in the process. 

Juan proceeded to yell, “I don’t go out! Cut the bullsh*t. I’m gonna cuss these women out. I swear to god I will cuss every single last one of them out.” Instead of putting Robyn’s mind at ease, Juan’s outburst just felt like a child who had been caught with a hand in the cookie jar. 

Juan Is Checked Out


Frankly, Juan seems disengaged from his marriage and unwilling to put in any hard work. After learning that Juan refused ever to change a diaper, admit to his faults, and listen to his wife, it is safe to say that it may be worth throwing the whole man away. Robyn’s self-esteem has taken quite a hit over the years, and nothing Juan does is in an attempt to help his wife heal. The interactions and phone calls caught on camera only show a glimpse of what Juan could be doing in front of his wife and two young boys. 

Almost all of Juan’s scenes show him angry and grumpy. I can only imagine the drama setting him off behind the scenes. With Juan, I can’t help but feel that he is just there because he feels obligated to be with Robyn after her parents took him in as a teenager. Sadly, I think the trauma bonding has caused way more issues, with the obvious sign being he might not be in love with his wife.