Love Is Blind: Clay Gravesande with his mother
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Love Is Blind’s Clay Gravesande Was Dealing with Trauma on the Show

Clay Gravesande shocked fans by leaving AD Smith at the altar during the Love Is Blind Season 6 finale. But now we understand why.

The reality star appeared on a new episode of the Tamron Hall Show, where he spoke about specific events in his life that may have impacted his relationship with AD while filming the latest season, including his father’s infidelity. Clay’s mother, Margarita, was also on the daytime show and recalled the difficult moment her son decided to call off his wedding in front of their friends and family.  

“Well, you have to understand as a mom, when I looked at him, my heart was just broken,” she said. “And I knew exactly in that moment what was occurring, because I saw it on his face.” She continued: “He wanted to be in a relationship, he wanted to be married, but I also felt like he was just dealing with a lot of emotions that really wasn’t his to deal with.”

Clay’s mother explains why she wanted him to participate in Love Is Blind

As their conversation with Tamron continued, Margarita explained why she wanted her son to participate in Love Is Blind, adding that she hoped someone would see her son for the person he really is. 

“I wanted him to find someone who would be able to take care of him and to also to just see him as I see him because I knew that he was a great provider,” she said. “And he has a great heart, and I wanted someone just to be able to mesh with that.”

Clay shocked the world when he decided to break up with AD at the altar during the finale episode. During the reunion, he shared more about his decision and expressed regret for leaving his true love’s side. “She’s honestly the love of my life, and I did make a mistake going to the altar and saying no,” he told hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey

“AD always … made me feel like the best person, but I couldn’t get out of my own way. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and saying, ‘I’m not the guy that deserves love and marriage.'”

Since the season wrapped, AD and Clay have been spotted dancing and getting along online. So, nobody knows if they’re together or not. But at this point, do people care? Maybe I care … just a little. 

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