What Has Apollo Nida Been Up To Since RHOA?

Apollo Nida
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Bravo fans fell in love with Phaedra Parks on the Real Housewives of Atlanta thanks to her Southern drawl and quick, witty one-liners. So it was a bit of a surprise when she announced that she was marrying an ex-con named Apollo Nida. Phaedra had everything going for her: a successful law practice, peach holder, and well-respected within the Atlanta community. But after she became cagey with her due date, fans everywhere knew something was up with the couple and their shady ways.

What Is Apollo Up To?

Apollo Nida/Instagram

Since leaving prison life behind in 2019, Apollo is once again trying to pretend he has his ducks in a row. Almost immediately, he was behind the camera directing his fiance’s wig campaign, but nothing came of it. Apollo is shooting for the stars as his Instagram bio read that he is also a “Reality Production, Fitness Mogul, Public Speaker, Celebrity Ambassador, Philanthropist, and Brand Endorser.” Yet I only see him doing construction.

Phaedra and Apollo’s Demise

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Apollo is no longer carrying the weight of the sun across the sky each day and instead is trying to turn away from a life of crime. No matter how you word it, Apollo was always a hustler who wanted to figure out how to give himself a life most only dream of. But as Pheadra and the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast learned, Apollo wasn’t everything he said he was and ended up serving an eight-year federal sentence after a fraud conviction. At the time, federal prosecutors alleged that Apollo had stolen millions of dollars from at least 50 people over four years.  

Prosecutors presented evidence that the father of two had created fake collection companies to gather personal information, which was used to steal victims’ identities. What is with Bravo stars trying to get away with fraud? This was not Apollo’s first stint behind bars; before meeting Phaedra, he spent five years in federal prison for auto title fraud.

How Are Apollo and Phaedra Now?


Apollo and Phaedra did not end on good terms, with Bravo fans remembering that their last scene filmed for the Real Housewives of Atlanta showed the two having an unconfirmable fight in their garage. However, the duo has come a long way, and according to the Married to Medicine star, they “co-parent very well.” While on Watch What Happens Live, the mother of two shared that after Apollo was released from prison in 2019, he tried to bond with their sons, Ayden and Dylan. Phaedra joked about Apollo’s connections to Sheree Whitfield, telling viewers, “Honey, if it makes him some money, he can buy these children some shoes and some Chick-fil-A. Hang out with whoever you need to hang out with to get a check. Bring it to Mama!”

Reunion Rumble

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But Married to Medicine fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Apollo will be taking a seat behind his ex-wife on the second part of the reunion. This marked the first time they have filmed together since the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apollo even spent the recent holidays with his former family. Even though he was not invited to Ayden’s 13th birthday, which was filmed for the show, it seems he is trying to get back in Phaedra and his son’s good graces after so many years of being an absent father. 

I can’t help but think that production is messy boots for inviting Apollo to the reunion, but I’m here for this. Make her work a bit; she hasn’t given us anything the whole season. However, I think his appearance will be positive because I don’t believe for a second that fancy Phaedra would have allowed him to be on the show if they weren’t at least amicable. I hope Bravo didn’t bring Apollo back to intimidate his ex-wife because we already watched that once, and I’m not here for that narrative again. 

I can only imagine he is here because the women made such a big deal about Apollo not being at his son’s birthday. So there is only one thing to say: welcome back, Apollo.