Phaedra Parks and “Castle Daddy” CT Make The Perfect Couple: Here’s Why

The Traitors Season 2, Episode 9 recap
Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty Images

I have always been a fan of CT Tamburello. While I wish I could deny that it wasn’t because he is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, it is also because he is the only Boston native whose accent I could tolerate without making me want to cover my ears. Phaedra Parks, on the other hand, is the Real Housewives star that the rest of The Traitors are learning not to mess with. Together, these two make one hell of an alliance in the game and possibly in life, even if one is a faithful and the other is a traitor. 

For seasons, I’ve kept up with CT’s story, especially when he was with Diem Brown, often finding myself rooting for him during each journey. He is funny and witty. Have I mentioned hot? Basically a total dish. Phaedra also has had one hell of a love adventure, including a marriage to Apollo Nida showing her vulnerable side too. The mother of two is a hustler and could very well make a perfect partner for The Challenge champion. So, after some plotting, I think it is time that Phaedra and CT were given their happy ending. 

CT’s Recently Divorced

CT Tamburello/Instagram

When viewers of The Challenge learned that CT had finally taken off the market, we were devastated. But after marrying Lilianet Solares in 2018, the couple started to have an on-and-off again relationship. In November 2023, the duo split and thus ensued a bitter divorce. After months of arguing, the two have finally finalized and agreed to share custody of their son, Christopher. 

During the divorce, CT took to his Instagram Stories to share he was emotionally spent and tired of being dragged through the mud by his ex. According to The Challenge veteran, he gave his wife everything, but love just wasn’t enough. The statement broke followers’ hearts who still thought his special someone was out there. 

Phaedra is Looking for Love

Phaedra Parks/Instagram

The lawyers’ love affair with Apollo was toxic, and the mother of two had enough once her husband had become involved in illegal activities. After only five years of marriage, the Real Housewives star made the decision to file for divorce but didn’t reach a settlement until 2017. The divorce was frustrating, to say the least. But Phaedra has since moved on and is currently on the hunt for a new man. Could it be CT?

Why They Would Be an “It””Co”ple


Phaedra and CT are literally the cutest Traitors couple romance of all time! Even though I am almost positive CT hasn’t been hit by Cupid’s arrow yet, I am sensing that love could be in the air. Both have children and gone through pretty messy divorces so it would be easy to bond over that. Both are professional reality stars for a living; while others could find that lifestyle a challenge, these two wouldn’t. Currently, this is more than half the reason I am tuning into The Traitors each week, as it is the romance to watch. 

One episode showed CT gallantly helping Phaedra across the rushing rapids, and the duo even holding hands on the nature hike. I don’t ask for much, but I am doing to need the TV gods to put their effort into making this romance happen. Phaedra has made her lust known throughout the series and even called CT her “Castle Daddy” while on Watch What Happens Live. During the bird call challenge, Phaedra noted, “I just adore CT. He is so silly.”

Both give off little kid energy, which I think could make a cute match-up. Dare I say I was jealous of Phaedra in the river crossing because she was milking holding onto those sturdy arms for everything it was worth. The subplot is giving me life with #PhaCT trending. It isn’t at all surprising that the ladies of The Traitors all of a crush on CT, especially after watching him on TV for the last 20 years. It’s kind of his thing. Even though CT has yet to gush over Phaedra, I am hoping the time comes when he reveals how he feels towards her.