Why Kyle Richards Refuses To Share What Mauricio Umansky Did To Cause Their Separation

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

For the entirety of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, fans have been waiting to figure out what went wrong in Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s 27-year marriage. Yet, instead of being given answers, we are still sitting in the dark like dummies. Honestly, I am mad as hell. I can’t see Kyle being given any more chances if she doesn’t start revealing what her husband did to make her lose her faith in the union. 

Kyle Is Protecting Her Family

I can understand Kyle wanting to keep her cards close to her heart as she protects her four daughters. However, something stood out to me during the season finale family sit-down. Mau could barely look up from his hands as Kyle spouted how strong the family was. The Agency owner didn’t say one word to comfort his daughters and hung his head in shame. The body language was telling because it indicated that Mau had something to feel shame about. 

In Buying Beverly Hills Season 2, the trailer shows a more in-depth discussion as the parents sit down to tell their daughters that the separation is official. The trailer began with a clip of Kyle wiping away tears while talking to Mau in their bedroom. The father of four revealed, “I’ve been so stressed, and the travel obviously affects us.” The clip panned to a family dinner with Kyle. She noted, “We wanted to have this conversation when we were all together, for obvious reasons. I’m really sorry you guys…” So maybe Kyle isn’t trying to protect the kids so much as making sure the family still rakes in ratings and a paycheck. 

Privacy Matters

I don’t necessarily believe that reality TV stars are entitled to as much privacy as they think. Mainly, the crux of my argument is that they signed a deal with the devil to share their lives with a nation. They knew the price of fame. Now, I’m not saying that the moment something happens, they have to shout it from the rooftop, BUT eventually, especially within a season, I do believe fans are entitled to know the truth. I mean, we tune in for hours, buy their branded crap, and keep them relevant, so a little truth isn’t too hard to ask for. 

However, I think it is safe to assume Kyle doesn’t agree with my hot take. When Andy asked her why she was staying so quiet, her only response was, “It’s nobody’s fu*king business.” The blunt answer came after multiple Bravo fans had written in about her marriage, and clearly, she had enough. Kyle tried to explain where she was coming from, but it just looked like she was still protecting a man who had hurt her.

Did Mau Cheat?

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it just might be a duck. If I were a betting woman, I would say that Mauricio most likely stepped out of his marriage emotionally or physically. Could it be that someone slid into his DM? Yes. Could it be he met someone while traveling? Yes. Over the years, there have been multiple allegations of Mau cheating on Kyle, but each time, the couple refuted the idea that their marriage wasn’t strong.  

The Nancy Drew in me can’t help but think if he had cheated all these years, there would be “Receipts. Proof. Timeline. Screenshots.” If he has cheated with all these women for years, then at some point, there would be pictures, DMs, and texts coming out. But this time around, I reckon Kyle has objective evidence, which is why she now hates him. I wonder if an alleged affair has been flaunted in her face somehow: A co-worker or someone she knows? Is someone threatening to go to the press? I think maybe Kyle has been backed into a corner and is trying to keep her spin on it. 

Kyle’s Words Are Telling

Eventually, Kyle is going to crack and finally reveal what Mau did to cause her so much pain. The Halloween Ends star did share this hint while at the reunion noting, “With any marriage, there’s issues that you have, and they come up, and then something like I said in my interview happened where I did lose my trust. I care about my family first, and I really did try, and then when I couldn’t, the kind of things that I was, I don’t want to say putting up with just became more apparent to me, I guess I couldn’t do that anymore and I finally just had a breaking point.”

It’s time to say goodbye, Mau!