Below Deck Season 11: Who Could Get Fired?

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Below Deck, Season 11 is well underway, and things are pretty chaotic. The boat is already two crew members down, after a tumultuous start to the season. Bosun Jared Woodin was fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge after messing up one too many times. Jared had a hard time helping to dock the boat and later woke up Captain Kerry after getting too drunk on a crew night out. Sorry, Jared, you had to go!

Shortly after Jared’s departure, Stew Cat Baugh also decided to leave. Cat struggled to fit in onboard from the beginning, especially after she feuded with fellow Stew Barbie Pascual. After receiving a troublesome call from a friend back home, Chief Stew Fraser Olender realized that Cat wouldn’t be able to continue working much longer. After talking to Fraser and Captain Kerry, Cat decided that going home was the best decision for her at the time.

While Below Deck Season 11 has already seen two crew members go, this doesn’t mean that more cast members won’t leave. Based on everything we have seen so far this season, four current crew members could be in danger of getting fired. Let’s get into it!

Barbie Pascual

From the minute she stepped on board, it was clear that Barbie was a handful. Barbie bragged about her wealthy upbringing and admitted that she planned to use her tip money for designer bags. This rubbed me the wrong way immediately, and she only got worse.

Barbie quickly found herself in a feud with Cat, who she was not nice to at all. While both women made mistakes, Barbie had a hard time taking accountability for her actions. Barbie also found herself in hot water with Fraser, after he politely asked her to follow instructions while making margaritas. Since Fraser is Barbie’s boss, she should’ve complied with his requests. Instead, she began giving him the cold shoulder.

If Barbie continues having issues with her fellow crew members, she could be in danger of getting fired. Fraser has already gone to Captain Kerry about Barbie’s bad behavior, so she has one strike against her at the moment. If Barbie messes up again, she might be off the boat.

Sunny Marquis

Sunny Marquis is pretty good at her Deckhand position, but her social life onboard could get her into trouble. From the jump, Sunny has had a crush on the now Bosun Ben Willoughby. While Ben reciprocated Sunny’s interests, it was evident that he was only looking for a good time.

Sunny has already displayed a habit of letting her feelings for Ben affect their professional relationship, which is problematic. When Sunny is unhappy with Ben she gives him the cold shoulder on the job, which is unprofessional. Now that Ben is her boss, Sunny must maintain a good relationship with him while working.

After catching Ben dancing with Xandi Olivier, Sunny nearly lost it. She confronted Ben about it, and he replied that he had no romantic interest in Xandi. Even if he did, however, it is wrong of Sunny to come to him with these kinds of issues on the job. If Sunny keeps it up, she might not be on the boat much longer!

Ben Willoughby

Speaking of Ben, he could also be in danger of potentially getting fired. While Ben got a lot of recognition from Captain Kerry when he was promoted to Bosun, it seems like he will still face some issues onboard.

Ben has a love of drama, which he has shown by meddling in the business of the interior team. Fraser confronted Ben about this, although Ben did not seem to understand why this was a problem. Now that Ben is in a leadership position, he must be professional and not start unnecessary problems.

Furthermore, Ben’s love of the ladies could also land him in deep water. Ben has already flirted with both Barbie and Sunny, and he may have a new interest in Xandi. Flirting with every woman onboard is never a good look, and it could potentially get Ben in trouble with Captain Kerry!

Kyle Stillie

While Kyle Stillie has done a great job this season, a recent mistake of his could land him in future trouble if he continues. After a crew night out, Kyle made a mess on the deck. Kyle spilled tobacco and then got into a heated argument with Jared. While this was certainly a mistake, it did not paint Kyle in the best light. To be fair, while Kyle was involved in the argument, he was trying to de-escalate the situation more than Jared was.

Out of everyone on this list, Kyle is definitely at the lowest risk of getting fired. When it comes to Below Deck, however, you never know what to expect!