Below Deck’s Ben Willoughby Isn’t the Heartthrob He Thinks He Is

Ben Willoughby for Below Deck Season 11
Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Below Deck, Season 11 has only just set sail, and already I am highly agitated by Ben Willoughby. The Aboriginal Australian first fell onto fans’ radar in Season 10 when he seemed like a genuine dude. The lover of surfing, kitesurfing, photography, and drinking piña coladas considers himself quite the lady’s man, but I see right through the pearly white smile, sir! 

Maybe his past relationships have left him a bit broken, but it doesn’t excuse that high school head footballer mentality. Ben’s boy next door routine is growing old fast. I can only assume the ladies in Australia caught onto this game quickly, and he had to look elsewhere for love. I am going to try my best to give the man a chance. But I feel like he is looking for love in all the wrong places, and I’m going to get tired of it real quick. 

Ben Will Lead Multiple Women on This Season

Ben first fell head over heels for Camille Lamb, the hot-tempered stew from Season 10. He actually seemed to really like her and develop a real emotional connection with her. But as he shared during the premiere, Camille cheated on him, leaving him jaded. The sneak peek of the season also showed Ben flirting with a deckhand and a few stews. This is a big no-no. The premier episode showed Ben talking to Sunny Marquis, sharing, “I’m like the definition. If you look up the definition of single in the dictionary, you’ll see my name next to it.”

 But the statement almost felt like a trap, trying to lure the ladies into a false sense of security. It seems Ben can’t help himself when it comes to finding another boatmance. The preview showed him kissing Sunny in the cabin. But their paradise aboard the St. David isn’t going to last after Ben is caught flirting with another. Sunny had to sit the stunner down for a chat, saying she felt “disrespected in many ways.” 

You Need More Than An Accent To Be Hot

Like many other viewers, I am a bit surprised they brought Ben back into the mix because he was just so blah. Personally, I feel Bravo decided to cast him again because it’s guaranteed that he’s going to hook up with a stew, causing a lot of drama. But what is so great about him? It can’t just be the Aussie accent, can it? He doesn’t really bring a lot to the table. Yes, I guess it can be argued that he is nice-ish, but there is also a Gary King vibe going on, and I don’t like it. 

I just hope we don’t have to see him on the top bunk again, humping away while his roommate is directly below him. Basically, Ben has the personality of a wet rag. It’s spooky. 

Ben Is Accused of Meddling

Ben Willoughby/Instagram

One thing guys can do as a surefire way of turning me off is to meddle in my business when it is no concern of theirs. Ben recently was called out by chief stew, Fraser Olender for doing the same exact thing, leaving Ben looking pretty cherry in the face. Ben couldn’t keep himself out of the high seas drama as he dramatically inserted himself into the interior spectacle. In a pretty wormy move, Ben approached Barbie Pascual to tell her that he had heard Cat Baugh talking about her. 

Naturally, it piqued her interest, with Fraser catching on to the plan. The chief stew noted, “I don’t know what Ben’s game plan is here, but he’s stirring the pot with my girls because I guess he gets attention from it.” Ben craving for that kind of attention is such a turn-off and makes him look completely desperate. I can’t kick the feeling that Ben is entering his villain era. I just don’t see him coming out of this unscathed, especially when it comes to the women of the yacht. Ben is giving off leading man vibes when, in reality, he is a sidekick at best.