Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Craig Conover Named Sexiest Man on Bravo 2024

It’s been an entire year since we were last able to objectify the hottest men found on Bravo. Like clockwork though, my favorite Instagram account came through, presenting us with dozens of the networks finest. After several rounds of voting and brackets, alongside multiple shared stories, guaranteed to make all of our collective blood pressures rise, the 2024 March MANness champion has finally been declared. And the winner is, southern drum sticks and buttered rolls please, Southern Charm’s very own sewing star, Craig Conover.

Hosted by the popular Instagram account, Two Judgey Girls, this race was a close one. Luckily, Summer House’s newest resident, West Wilson, aka the runner-up, is taking his loss to Craig in stride. As for last year’s winner, Captain Jason Chambers, our wholesome Captain Cutie had a great run, but his time at the top is now over. On this, if you’re reading, Capt, you’ll always be gorgeous, and you (and Craig) are welcome at my table anytime, shirtless, or whatever.

Craig, the Champion

Craig’s made the Two Judgey Girls list almost every single year, that I can recall at least. However, this is his first win. It’ll be his only win as well, since the ladies retire each of their token studs in the years that follow. Since this site first began ranking abs (and personalities), Craig’s often scored highly, so this win’s well-deserved.

As for Craig’s official winning announcement, the girls penned “Was it his smile, those dimples, or his pillow empire? The Susan Lucci of March MANness has officially won the 2024 competition! Congratulations @caconover! We couldn’t be happier for you, a true southern gentleman!”

Chiming in on their post, likely from her bed, Craig’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, hysterically quipped “It’s not a beauty pageant it’s a scholarship program.”

West weighs in

In an excellent showing of sportsMANship, West lent his support, which the Two Judgey Girls then shared. “What’s up you guys. It’s West here, runner up of March MANness. I just wanted to hop on and say congrats to Craigy-beast on a huge milestone in his Bravo career.”

Continuing, West adds, “He deserved it, he really did. He’s a beast, he’s a stud, he’s handsome. Congrats to Paige too. I feel like she probably wants to take a little claim in this award. Hard-fought victory, but, I’m happy that I lost to a guy like Craig. Boom. Congrat’s gangsta.”

Congrats indeed, Craig-y.