Going Home With Tyler Cameron: Release Date, Where To Watch, and More

Photo by: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Tyler Cameron placed second on The Bachelorette Season 15, but he’s now winning literally everywhere else. Since his debut as a fan-favorite on Hannah Brown’s season, Tyler’s scored gig after gig after gig. Then, Tyler’s mother suddenly passed away, which brought Tyler back to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Here, Tyler launched a construction company, which we will see on Going Home with Tyler Cameron, his latest televised gig.

A shirtless man, working in the intense Florida heat, with hammers and nails and machines oh my? Yes please, because Tyler will nail it (pun intended), just as he nailed Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. Case in point, JoJo Siwa did not need to carry this man to safety during any of their challenges. All shade intended, because IYKYK.

Moving on, Going Home airs very, very soon. If you’re eager to start watching Tyler’s drywall drying, you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up everything that there is to know about this upcoming series. Thank you. You’re welcome.

The deets on how and when to watch

Presented by Amazon MGM Studios and ITV America’s High Noon Entertainment, Going Home with Tyler Cameron features eight episodes in total. Luckily, for my fellow binge-loving babies, all eight will launch at the same exact moment, starting on April 18, 2024. However, this new series can only be watched on the streaming giant known as Prime Video.

If you don’t have a membership, because it’s expensive to be me anyone these days, a free 30-day trial can be secured here. See? Reality Tea’s got you.

What viewers can expect to see

As for what we can expect to see, Tyler’s series will likely first focus on his backstory. I’d also expect lots of b-roll footage from his hometown to appear. This will help the viewers to really get a better sense of the city that Tyler calls home. After an explainer on how he’s built up his dream company, Image One, from scratch, this series should really start taking off.

From here, it’ll be all hands on all of the decks, as Tyler guts multiple homes across his town. Yet, the network’s also revealed that obstacles are in store. This tracks, because every home renovation series seem to have a random termite, mold, or financial cliffhanger involved. On his series official website, they explain that “the projects get bigger, better and more complex” as each episode rolls on.

If you ask me, even though Tyler came in as Hannah’s runner-up on ABC, he won’t fail again. Tyler’s levelheaded approaches to various situations definitely won me (and the entire Bachelor Nation) over. Therefore, I’m not expecting to see any of these construction obstacles fully defeating Tyler. At least not for longer than a commercial break can solve.

Tyler’s costars and guests

Listen, when Hannah picked Jed Wyatt in Season 15, many of us groaned. As Tyler emotionally expressed to Hannah that he’s “still going to be” Hannah’s “biggest fan,” and that he’s always going to be “rooting for” her, my groan intensified. You’re a class act, Tyler. When Jed’s guitar solo aired next, I allowed it, because I had to, this wasn’t my life.

Fast forward a few beats later and bam, everything changes. Wildly, it’s revealed that Jed had a girlfriend at the start of filming. This saw Hannah ending their engagement, because love isn’t built on lies, sometimes. Hannah then turned once more towards Tyler.

The pair gave it another shot, but things ultimately fell flat. However, their friendship’s still intact, and Hannah will now be making a cameo on Going Home with Tyler Cameron. She’s not the only Bachelor Nation alum that we can expect to see popping in though. Likewise, Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell and Jason Tartick will also guest star.

This might just be the prettiest construction-based series yet. I love this for us as viewers.

Going Home’s likely emotional finale

Some people hit the parental lottery jackpot, like Tyler. Sadly, his mother passed away in 2020, following a brain aneurysm. In the days, months, and now years that have since passed, Tyler’s been very vocal online about loving our people well, while we still can. Right before her death, Andrea, his mother, texted Tyler, letting him know just how much she loved him, and how excited she was for his upcoming trip home.

Tyler’s reply was short, yet kind. But then, Andrea passed, and Tyler urged us all to see things differently, via his lens of grief. “We get one mom and one dad in this world if we’re lucky. So when they reach out, take your time,” he penned, in an emotional online tribute to his mother.

“I did not take my time, and now I wish I could have that time back to really call her and tell her I love her and how excited I am to see her,” Tyler added. I don’t know about anyone else, but personally speaking, my father is wading through an awful beast known as Multiple Myeloma. Therefore, Tyler’s words could not ring any truer for me. Take the time to love your people well, if your people are worthy, that is.

Oh y’all, get your tissues purchased now, I’m warning you. Going Home with Tyler Cameron’s finale episode features Tyler literally going home, “turning the house that Tyler’s late mom left behind into the family home that she always dreamed of.” Cue “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra, and try not to weep. Like me.