The Worst Bachelor Nation Hometown Dates

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The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have certainly seen their fair share of bad hometown dates. It’s bound to be a little awkward when you bring home your boyfriend or girlfriend, that is also dating three other people!

Every season, there’s usually at least one family that voices their concerns to the lead about the process. For some reason, they always feel the need to almost shame the lead regarding their other relationships. At the end of the day, they need to realize what show their loved ones signed up for!

While The Bachelor and Bachelorette have both seen a lot of awkward hometown dates, these four stand out.

Rachel & Tino – The Bachelorette Season 19

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Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco‘s hometown date was intense. Tino’s family did not make it easy for Rachel in the slightest. As soon as Rachel and Tino sat down, his parents began grilling the pair with questions. Tino’s father was skeptical about how little time his son had spent with Rachel. This would be a valid concern if they weren’t on The Bachelorette. Again, these parents really need to understand what their kids are signing up for!

When they split for one-on-one conversations, Tino’s mother told Rachel that her relationship with Tino wasn’t even real. Rachel’s conversation with Tino’s father was even worse, where he told Rachel to convince him that she knew his son. Despite doing her best, Tino’s father made Rachel feel bad about the entire situation, to the point that she almost cried.

Peter & Victoria – The Bachelor Season 24

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Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller‘s hometown date went so south, that Peter didn’t even make it inside to meet Victoria’s family. During the daytime portion of their date, Peter coincidentally ran into an ex of his. After telling his ex that he was there to meet Victoria’s family, Peter was told that Victoria was a walking red flag. Peter’s ex claimed that Victoria had ruined a number of relationships, which immediately concerned him.

After some contemplation, Peter brought this up to Victoria right before they were supposed to go see her family. Victoria was extremely taken aback, and quickly became defensive. The conversation went south pretty quick, and Peter ended up leaving without meeting Victoria’s family first. To the surprise of almost everyone, Victoria still received a rose, and made it to the final three.

Hannah & Jed – The Bachelorette Season 15

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Hannah Brown discovered a lot of red flags on her hometown date with Jed Wyatt, and perhaps should have listened to them! Jed’s family didn’t even try to put on a smile for Hannah, and told her right away that they didn’t think he was ready for an engagement. Jed’s mother even questioned how Hannah was handling her role as the Bachelorette, and asked if she told everyone she was falling in love with them. Hannah stood her ground, and said that she didn’t.

Unfortunately, after getting engaged to Jed during the finale, Hannah found out that he had a girlfriend before leaving to film. While Jed’s family suggested that he wasn’t ready because of his music career, it is possible that they were alluding to this as well. One of the most frustrating parts of this hometown was the way Jed’s family treated Hannah, when she was nothing but friendly to them. They definitely could’ve tried a little harder to be nice.

Rachel & Dean – The Bachelorette Season 13

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Rachel Lindsay and Dean Bell had one of the most interesting hometown dates on The Bachelorette, which unfortunately did not go great. Dean prefaced to Rachel that his family dynamic was different, as his father had converted to Sikhism following his mother’s passing. While Dean’s family didn’t do anything wrong, the date felt like Rachel trying to learn more about Dean’s family than they tried to learn about her.

Dean used his one-on-one conversation with his father to talk about the issues between them, as opposed to his relationship with Rachel. It felt like this should have been a private conversation, as it got pretty tense at a point. It also kind of defeated the point of hometown dates, which are supposed to focus on the relationships between the lead and various cast members. Unfortunately for Dean, Rachel eliminated him after the date.