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Kristen Doute Discusses Pregnancy Fears and Body Doubts

Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules and The Valley has been open about wanting a child for some time. During the latest episode of her show, the reality star spoke with her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, about her parenting fears. 

“The only thing I second-guess is my own body,” Kristen told Luke. “I can’t just get knocked up like any day of the week, and I feel like it might be really difficult.” 

Kristen and Luke agree to keep things positive 

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Kristen, 40, hasn’t hidden her desire to have a baby. Her best friends, Scheana Shay and Lala Kent, have children. Plus, many of her Valley co-stars have babies as well. (Some even have twins!) As far as Kristen’s concerned, she’s worried that her age could hinder her from conceiving. 

 “I’m 40. I’m five years past a geriatric pregnancy… like that’s f*cked up,” Kristen said during the second episode. But at some point, the Pump Rules alum said she wanted to keep things positive for her future baby’s sake. 

“I don’t want to keep talking about that or thinking about it or saying it out loud because I feel like, it’s like I’m putting that out into the universe,” she told Luke. “I’m just trying to not put all this stress and pressure on myself.” 

“So, I guess for me, you’re just spreading doubt right now,” Luke said before Kristen agreed, adding, “It’s bad juju.” 

Do Kristen’s cast mates think she’s ready for a child? 

Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Since this will be a significant part of Kristen’s Season 1 storyline, many of her cast mates have chimed in to share their thoughts. Jax Taylor, who has quite the past with Kristen, voiced his concerns during Episode 1. 

“Now that we’re on this children conversation, I just want you to make sure that you’re ready for this situation,” Jax asked.

“Are you mentally there to have a child right now?” he continued. “I just want you to do your research,” he said after reminding Kristen having a baby “isn’t like getting a dog.”

Jason Caperna, alongside Scheana and Lala, defended Kristen against Jax’s claims, while Kristen slammed the House of Villains star in her confessional with producers. 

“If I want men to tell me when or when I cannot be a mother, I would just go hang out with Trump,” she said before saying, “Jax, go suck a d*ck.” 

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