The Circle Season 6: Release Date, Latest News, and More

Photo Source: Netflix/YouTube

New message: Netflix’s popular reality show The Circle is finally making a comeback! After it first premiered back in January 2020, The Circle became one of Netflix’s signature reality tv hits alongside Love Is Blind and Too Hot Too Handle. Like those other shows, a number of contestants from The Circle went on to appear in the crossover series Perfect Match. Since previous seasons were smash hits, Netflix also aired spin-offs based in France and Brazil.

For those who are unfamiliar, The Circle is based on a previous UK series of the same name. Like Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum, this reality show serves as one of Netflix’s social experiments. Contestants are forbidden from communicating face to face, instead using a system resembling social media apps. Is it any wonder the show became such a hit during the pandemic lockdown? There’s plenty of flirting and bonding, but contestants are more susceptible to catfishing, which leads to some twisty drama. In the end, the top influencer earns a six-figure cash prize.

The Circle Season 5 aired from December 2022 to January 2023, so it’s been a long wait for new episodes. Luckily, there’s finally some updates for the #CircleFam. As it turns out, a new season is coming much sooner than you’d expect!

Season 6 release date


The wait is almost over! The Circle Season 6 was announced amongst Netflix’s new releases in April 2024. The new season will premiere on Wednesday, April 17th. The first four episodes will be available to stream that day. Then four episodes will premiere weekly every Wednesday leading up to the finale on May 8th. Seasons 2-5 had 13 episodes each, so it’s presumed that Season 6 will follow that same pattern.

New season, new location


While previous seasons were filmed in Salford, a small town in Northern England, Season 6 has a new setting. Perhaps that’s a reason for the year-plus delay? Netflix announced that the latest seasons will move to the United States, and specifically take place in Atlanta, Georgia. As with the previous seasons, contestants will be filmed whilst staying in an apartment complex.

Will there be any other changes to the format?

The Circle Netflix/Instagram

In their announcement of the new season, Netflix promises this year will bring some never-before-seen twists. This is typical for the show to keep things fresh. For instance, in Season 5, all of the contestants were singles.

Of course, Netflix is not giving any secrets away just yet. But viewers who missed The Circle’s unique format over this long hiatus can breathe easy. The core tenants of the show, like catfishing, are still very much in play.

Season 6 casting news

The Circle Netflix/Instagram

We’re still waiting to see the new #CircleFam. Season 6’s cast members have yet to be announced. However, it’s possible that stand outs from the first five seasons could return. For instance, Season 1 star Shubham Goel made a comeback last season. Another fun twist in the fifth season was that previously eliminated contestants came back as catfishes.

Longtime fans would surely love to see Circle all-stars like Joey Sasso, Nick Uhlenhuth, and Chloe Veitch come back again. Also, it’d be cool for champions of the UK original, as well as standouts of The Circle France and Brazil, to try their hand at the US game.

Contestants from other reality tv competition series have also appeared, such as Brett Robinson from Big Brother. Not to mention, Season 4 featured pop music legends Mel B and Emma Burton of the Spice Girls. So, nothing’s off the table. Of course, that also means there’s plenty of opportunities for catfishing.

What about Season 7?

Netflix already renewed The Circle for both Season 6 and 7. This was announced back in November 2023. However, at this time, there’s no indication of when the next season may premiere. In the past, there’s been two seasons per calendar year. So, it’s possible that Season 7 could be available to stream before the end of 2024.

For those who are new to the series, and want to catch up before the April 17th premiere, the first five seasons are currently available to stream on Netflix.