The Circle Season 6, Episodes 1-4 Recap: Biggest and Best Moments

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The Circle Season 6 is back, and crazier than ever! Season 6 features several firsts for the series, as it is the first time the show is being filmed in the United States. After five seasons in the United Kingdom, Season 6 decided to move locations to Atlanta, Georgia.

Season 6 kicked off with a diverse cast of contestants, who already have us laughing. The first contestant to arrive was Kyle Fuller, who brought his adorable French Bulldog Deuce along for the ride. Lauren Shira and Myles Reed joined soon after, with all three players entering The Circle as themselves. Cassie Saylor and Steffi Hill are also playing as themselves in the game, despite some of their fellow contestants’ doubts.

In terms of the Catfish crew, Brandon Baker decided to play the game as Olivia. He was joined by Lady Caress, who thought she would succeed in The Circle by playing as her younger brother Paul. Later on in the game, Quori Tyler entered The Circle as herself. The real shock, however, was the reveal of Max, who is the series first AI contestant. Episodes one through four featured a ton of crazy moments, but these were the best!

The revelation of Max the AI bot

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The most shocking moment from the first batch of episodes was by far the reveal of Max, The Circle’s first-ever AI contestant. After Lauren was chosen as an influencer, she got to pick one more player to bring into The Circle. Lauren ultimately chose Max, as she was won over by his profile picture of him and his dog. What Lauren did not know, however, was that Max was not really a person.

It’s pretty crazy what AI is capable of, which Max has demonstrated over the last few episodes. Max engaged in conversations with several of the other players and did a great job of hiding the fact that he wasn’t real. Through his AI capabilities, Max found ways to pretend like he is a human and mask his identity when talking to fellow contestants.

While the rest of the contestants don’t know that Max is the AI player, they do know that one of the players is an AI bot. Episode 4 left on a cliffhanger. The players tried to figure out who was the most human of the group. More on this in a second!

Lauren & “Olivia” were chosen as the first pair of influencers

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Another big moment from the first few episodes was the announcement of the season’s first influencers. The influencers are key on The Circle, as they have a lot of power to dictate what happens in the game. There are many powers given to the influencers, such as choosing who to block from or bring into the game.

Lauren and Brandon aka Olivia were chosen as the first pair of influencers, after they received first and second in the rankings. This made a lot of sense, as both Lauren and Olivia made good connections with their fellow players right off the bat. Lauren and Olivia both had the opportunity to choose another player to join the game, which is pretty huge. Of course, Lauren chose Max the AI, while Olivia decided to bring in Quori.

Myles being designated as the “most human” player

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Finally, Myles being chosen as the “most human” player was definitely a turning point in the game. After it was revealed that one of the players was an AI bot, the contestants ranked one another in order of who they thought was the most human. Myles ended up ranking first, which gave him the power to block the player he felt was the AI bot. Of course, Episode 4 left on a huge cliffhanger, as Myles went to block the contestant he felt unsure about.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Myles was chosen as the most human, as he is pretty personable. Myles has made good connections with several players and is an all-around likable guy. It will be interesting to see who Myles chooses to block, as he seemed to be the only player who was suspicious of Max. Will Myles’ AI engineering skills help him out here? Or will he accidentally send home one of his fellow human contestants?

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