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Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky No Longer Attending Couples Therapy

Things are looking bleak for the Umanskys. On April 1, Kyle Richards once again spoke about marriage issues with her estranged husband. At one time the couple were attending counseling sessions, but that appears to be done.

Kyle said on an Amazon Live session that she and Mauricio Umansky are taking a break from marriage counseling. “We haven’t been in therapy in a while, to be honest,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admitted. “We’re just taking a break from that, but we get along very well, and we’re really good friends.”

While Kyle characterized their break as just needing some “space” from each other, insiders are still holding onto hope that Kyle and Mau won’t divorce. The RHOBH stars separated last summer following 27 years of marriage and raising four daughters together.

Kyle lost trust in Mauricio

As reported by Page Six, Kyle is steadfastly keeping details of the split to herself. At the RHOBH Season 13 reunion, she told her co-stars that “it’s nobody’s f*cking business.” However, she later admitted to ultimately losing trust in her husband of three decades.

“With any marriage,” she said at the time, “there’s issues that you have … And then something like I said in my interview, happened where I did lose my trust.”

“I care about my family first, and I really did try,” she added. “And then when I couldn’t, the kind of things that I was — I don’t want to say putting up with — just became more apparent to me. I guess I couldn’t do that anymore, and I finally just had a breaking point.”

The couple has tried to maintain a united front for the sake of their three daughters, Alexia, Sophia, and Portia. Mau is also stepdad to Farrah, who was five when he and Kyle first met. Farrah’s bio dad is Guraish Aldjufrie, Kyle’s first husband, who lives in Bali but is still reportedly very close with the whole family, including Mau.

But even while trying to work out their issues, Mau was overheard on a boys’ trip to Aspen that he was considering “moving out” of their shared home.

Free to date others

Even though the couple is reportedly still hopeful of a reconciliation, their separation agreement allows each of them to date other people.

We’ve all seen the headlines speculating on a relationship between Kyle and her close friend, country music star Morgan Wade. Though they frequently travel together and share matching tattoos, Kyle maintains that they’re just good friends.

“She plays a very important role in my life, as do a lot of my friends,” the former child actress says. “Everyone is so focused on Morgan. I’ve seen my other friends getting edited out of photos. They’re just snipped right out, tossed to the side, you know?”

Meanwhile, her Buying Beverly Hills star husband has been spotted with various “mystery women,” most of whom he claims are “business associates.” Most recently, Mau was linked with his Dancing with the Stars dance partner Emma Slater. The two have been seen dining together, hugging, and even holding hands. Following Kyle’s example, Mau insists the two are “just friends” and are not in a romantic relationship.

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