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Monica Garcia Hits Back at Mom Accusing Her of ‘Neglecting’ Kids

So, in the pantheon of dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships, former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Monica Garcia and her mom Linda Darnell are among the top duos. Their toxic relationship has been the cause of many an argument, and Monica is fuming that her mom is accusing her of neglecting her kids.

Not willing to take that from somebody who treated her awfully both on-camera, and allegedly off-camera, Monica hit back at LD for her lack of motherly skills. She further broke down her points on social media just to be clear that she does what she thinks is best for her kids. Good for Monica; here’s what went down.

Monica feels mom-shamed by Linda

The latest feud started when Linda posted that she thought Monica was a neglectful mother. She said Monica was leaving her children approximately four days at a time for work without “proper supervision” instead of being at home with them and simply relying on her hefty child support.

It boggles the mind that Linda would post this and tell her daughter not to work and instead rely solely on child support so she could be home with her children. It’s even funnier when you consider the irony that, according to Monica’s social media story, LD used to leave her alone for a year.

“I know you’re not talking about me leaving my girls in their own home for four days when you sent me to a different state to live with friends for over a year!” Monica wrote.

But that wasn’t enough. Monica went on her stories to add that there was just so much to unpack about her mom’s problematic post. She couldn’t believe that her mother wanted her to not work and do nothing but sit in her pajamas on the couch while just waiting for child support to come in. She wasn’t having that.

“I’m working and trying, I’m really trying,” Monica shared. “And I’m being mom-shamed by my f*cking mom.” She added, “Should out to all the moms working their ass off. Shout out to all the dads working their as off.”

It takes a tribe

She also took a moment to address the second part of her mom’s accusation about not leaving her children with “proper supervision.” She said that she was so thankful for the support of her “tribe” for always being around to help her and her children.

Whether it’s her gay best friend, who she reiterated is more than capable of caring for her kids, her neighbor, or her friends. Monica admits that it takes a tribe to raise kids, and she’s forever grateful for her tribe. 

She’s also quick to add that her mother was most definitely not part of that tribe. “I can’t do it alone. I’m here alone, and I have four children. I have incredible people around me, one of which isn’t YOU, mother,” she said pointedly.

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