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Lisa Hochstein Paid ‘Tens of Thousands of Dollars’ in Divorce Battle

Lisa Hochstein’s divorce from Lenny is still making its way through the legal system. Lawyers and filing fees are not cheap, as this Real Housewives of Miami star is quickly learning. Before their divorce, Lisa lived the high life, basking in the monetary glow of Lenny’s plastic surgery career. She also benefited from an occasional nip and tuck, which is a great little marital perk that I’d also love to acquire.

But alas, I married a creative. And sadly, this isn’t about me.

After Lenny’s hot-mic moment went down in Season 5, their divorce felt imminent. In this, we learn that Lenny had feelings for another woman. Ever since Lenny’s been Lisa’s main storyline, their mud-slinging has consumed this series, as well as the media. It’s also consumed the contents of Lisa’s designer wallets.

Lisa might need a raise on RHOM

Where there’s a disgruntled Real Housewives star, there’s a Page Six reporter, eager to clock their statements and reactions. Lisa’s no different. She too turned to this often-used outlet, saying “It truly saddens me that Lenny has caused me to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, that should have been conserved for our children.”

To note, their children are 8-year-old Logan and 4-year-old Elle. Right now, Lisa and Lenny have shared custody of their babies. For their innocent selves alone, I’d love to see this whole mess wrapped up quickly. Lisa clearly feels the same.

At this point, both parties are with other people. Lenny’s engaged to Katharina Mazepa, a model, while Lisa’s dating Jody Glidden, the CEO of Introhive. For those not in the know (me), this is an AI-powered SaaS platform. Yet, Lisa and Lenny’s marital status means that neither of these new relationships can move forward.

On this, Lisa states the obvious. Which is that Lenny should want to speed up their proceedings. Wildly, these two almost settled their divorce last summer, but Lenny pulled an UNO reverse card. He withdrew his offer.

Welcome to this Havana hellhole. We’ll be parked here for a while, I fear. Thoughts and prayers go out to Lisa’s costars, as they film for Real Housewives of Miami Season 7.

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