Lenny Hochstein
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Lenny Hochstein Attempts To Withdraw Settlement in Divorce From Lisa Hochstein

I have to hand it to Lenny Hochstein, when you think this man has pulled his last stunt queen move, he respawns himself into an even bigger problem. The Real Housewives of Miami alum is newly engaged but not recently divorced. And now the divorce is being delayed.

Lenny and Lisa Hochstein never seemed to have a marriage made in Heaven. They always seemed rather annoyed with each other until their union began breaking down. The good doctor also got himself a side-piece, which obviously didn’t help matters. While the divorce was almost done, Lenny had a change of heart. And now we’re going back to the drawing board. Page Six has the details.

Lenny goes full diva

According to a court docket, Lenny must not like losing his grip over Lisa. He filed an emergency petition on August 10 to delete the settlement he and Lisa AGREED UPON. Oh Lenny, come on man.

An additional filing shows Lenny’s lawyer “conferred” with Lisa’s rep and hopefully everything can be resolved without a full court hearing. The Lenster also wants the now-voided settlement to be kept private because he anticipates Lisa basically laughing at his offer.

Insiders close to the still-married but obviously estranged couple say Lenny is trying to force Lisa into taking his “low-ball” deal. They also believe that by withdrawing the current settlement, he’s extending the paperwork leading to more legal fees in an effort to “bankrupt” Lisa.

Earlier this summer in July, Lenny and Lisa were thisclose to having everything straight and moving on with their lives. Lisa was even prepared to exit the Miami manse and find herself another spot.

A short time afterward, Lenny climbed to the top of a cliff to propose to a woman who will be receiving alimony from him in approximately five years. He very publicly became engaged to Katharina Mazepa while his wife wished them well on social media.

The saga of Lenny and Lisa continues.