Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 Recap: Who Is Managing Eric?

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 recap
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Welcome back for the Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 recap. Last time, the staff at Chateau Rosabelle struggled to live and work together. This week’s episode, “A Naughty Night in Versailles,” features Eric letting loose and Marciano aggravating his co-workers. Here’s everything that you need to know about Vanderpump Villa Episode 4!

Eric shows off his moves

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4
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When we last saw Eric, the chateau manager, he asked Telly, the mixologist, for a shot during a guest’s party. Telly told him that he needed to pour it himself. After all, Lisa already warned her that no staff should drink from that bar. So, since Eric is a classy dude, he poured the alcohol into his mouth.

Then Eric told the primary guest, Harlan, to sit down in a chair. He started to channel Magic Mike, whipping his belt off. Then he spanked Harlan with it. “First of all, the guests get what they want. Sometimes it’s unorthodox,” Eric said in his confessional. Is it what the guests want? Then he removed his shirt, had Harlan and other guests spank him, and finally stripped down to his undies and socks. Anthony, the executive chef, felt like no one would ever mistake Eric for a professional. And now, Marciano has found his mentor!

Meanwhile, in the staff quarters, Grace summoned up the courage to tell Andre how she felt about him.

Unfortunately for Grace, Andre has her in the friend zone. She took the news well and is moving on. Grace seems mature for her age.

The Final Toast

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4
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The breakfast looked heavenly. Chef Anthony is passionate about food and being a chef. His food looks delectable.

As the guests left, everyone wondered about the dreaded comment cards. Would there be good feedback?

Lisa called Priscilla and Eric into her office. She told them both that the guests had a wonderful time, and they liked both of them. The Vanderpump Rules star asked them to keep doing what they were doing. Really? I am … confused.

A bachelorette party arrives

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 recap
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At the staff meeting, the crew learns about the next guest. Lauren Z. is coming to the chateau for her bachelorette party. I hope that Magic Eric isn’t going to make another appearance. She is marrying tennis pro, JP. Lauren even brought her fiancé, which is … a choice.

While Eric and Marciano were excited about the bachelorette party, Hannah doesn’t want any women coming on to her boyfriend. That’s right – this duo is hooking up again. What could possibly go wrong?

During the second day, guests will enjoy manicures and massages by the pool. Lisa told Marciano and Eric to keep their shirts on. They joked about being the “oil boys.”

“They need some water back there. It’s getting thirsty,” Telly stated. Lisa reminded the group that they were there to create a party atmosphere. But for Telly, it was frustrating that Eric’s bad behavior was being rewarded. I agree.

While Telly was at the bar, Eric sauntered up and made himself and Marciano a drink. Telly kept butting heads with Eric when he wasn’t stripping for the guests. The staff isn’t permitted to drink during work hours, but the chateau manager doesn’t seem to know this rule.

Love, badminton style

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4
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Out by the lawn, Brett, Lauren’s friend, decided to confront her about being phased out of her life. In fact, Brett is “victim number one” in this romance. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Hannah and Priscilla were standing there, like deer caught in the headlights. Awkward!

At least they know who is going to be dramatic this weekend. And it’s not the bride-to-be.

Diamonds and Pearls dinner

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 recap
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Lisa has curated an elegant Diamonds and Pearls dinner. (Shout out to Prince!) I have one complaint about Vanderpump Villa. I don’t think that Lisa has enough flowers around her in her confessional. Please – do better.  

The guests dined on truffle mushroom risotto, pan-seared salmon, and a rose-flavored panna cotta. All the guests raved about the food. Then Brett started to rave about the “weirdness” and wanted everyone to voice any issues. Most of the group wanted to know why the future groom was along for the trip.

Never one to miss a moment, Eric and Marciano decided to bring alcohol for the guests. They took bottles without asking Telly. She had zero control over her bar.

Once again, Eric was trampling Lisa’s carefully curated dinner. He was pouring alcohol down people’s throats. According to Eric, this was not an occasion for wine. Then Eric took a shot. Anthony was upset because it was an elegant dinner, not a club. And Eric shouldn’t be drinking with the guests. The chef felt like his efforts were ruined.

The chateau manager stopped by the kitchen. Eric would prefer Anthony to be more flexible. And these two aren’t going to agree. Finally, Anthony asked Eric to leave the kitchen.

Eric calls out Telly

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4
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The next morning, Eric decided that he would surprise the staff by waking them up early. And who is his partner for these wake-up calls? A sheep. His staff was less than impressed.

When Telly arrived downstairs, Eric scolded her because he was doing her job. And he continued to needle her about being late. Telly admitted in her confessional that she was 10 minutes late.

Telly threatened to leave the chateau as he continued to berate her. When Eric told her that he had been up since the early morning, she said, “You were up at 6:30 playing with a sheep … now shut the f*ck up!” Eric repeating that he was doing her job sent her over the edge.

Eric followed Telly outside and ordered her to respect him. Lisa was at the window, and she wasn’t happy. She wants any squabbling to be away from the guests. Eric claimed this wasn’t a personal attack on Telly. But I think he has been coming down on her since she refused to serve him at the bar.

Pampered pool party brunch

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 recap
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The group will get massages and manicures. The relaxing vibe was ruined when Eric sprayed the group with champagne and then started pouring alcohol into people’s mouths. Including his own. Soon Marciano’s shirt was missing, and he was drinking by the pool. Hannah was not a fan.

Telly eventually decided to speak with Lisa. Telly explained that she wanted to go home. Lisa told her that if she wanted to leave, it was fine. In the end, Telly decided to stay not just for Lisa, but for herself.

A night in Versailles

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4
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Lisa was excited about this event. The guests wore costumes and ate a delicious meal in elegant surroundings. The dining room looked like a fairytale exploded. I love it!

After dinner, the guests prepared a game for the staff called, Versailles After Hours. Everyone will pick a card. The player can answer the question or remove an article of clothing. Spicy!

Caroline answered that she was the kinkiest, which piqued Andre’s interest. Then Marciano was tasked with naming the one person who shouldn’t be there. He named Chef Anthony because he doesn’t come out and party with the guests. Now Caroline was shocked by Marciano’s arrogance.

Priscilla noted that Anthony wasn’t present to give his side of the story. And in the words of Grace, “He is a 30-year-old man who acts like a little bitch.”

But Marciano wasn’t done wreaking havoc. He was taking alcohol from behind the bar when Andre stopped him. When Marciano asked why Grace was yelling at him, she was done. She said he “was a piece of sh*t.” Then Grace calmly explained why she didn’t want to deal with him. She called him “arrogant,” and “an asshole.” Then she said, “I think that your comment about the chefs was disgusting.”

Marciano replied, “I could have said you.” Then it became an f-bomb-laden screaming match between the two.

Vanderpump Villa Episode 4 is available to stream now on Hulu. Episode 5 will be available on Monday, April 15 on Hulu.