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Love Is Blind’s Jessica Vestal Reveals Weight Loss Due to Social Anxiety After the Show

Jessica Vestal may have won fans over during her run on Love Is Blind Season 6; however, the reality star said she had to stay inside for a while because of anxiety. 

In a picture shared to her Instagram story, Jess noted she was back to being physically active after some time off. “Slowly getting back into my normal routine [and] the gym. My social anxiety was so bad after [Love Is Blind] premiered, I basically stopped going and lost 8 [pounds].”

She continued, explaining that weight loss could’ve been crucial to her health because she’s in remission for Crohn’s disease. “I’m more prone to getting sick and having flare-ups if I don’t keep weight on, so while it may sound nice to some, it is detrimental for me to have lost weight,” she wrote. “Steadily trying to get back on track.”   

Would Jessica ever return to Love Is Blind for another season? 

Photo Credit: @jess.ves via Instagram

Fans of the hit Netflix series know Jess quickly became one of the show’s most talked-about stars after the premiere of Season 6. Not only did she capture the hearts of watchers around the world, but she also had a thing with her co-star, Jimmy Presnell

Jess and Jimmy didn’t make it past the pods because the latter decided to pursue another contestant in the house, Chelsea Blackwell. However, the former flames met face-to-face during a pool party toward the end of the season. Jess revealed during a previous interview that she knew they had both made the right decision to walk away from each other. 

Despite leaving the experiment heartbroken, Jess told Entertainment Tonight that she’d do it all again to meet the love of her life. “I would do this experience again because although the pods are scary there’s also a safe feeling that comes with them,” she said. “There’s just something about being in the pods that makes you want to share everything about yourself, and I feel like that’s the best way to date.”

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