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Amanda Batula on Social Media Marriage Scrutiny: ‘Everyone Is Rooting Against Us’

If you’ve been watching Summer House Season 8, you know there’s a sh*t ton of couples. Well, kind of. Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke are going through it. West Wilson and Ciara Miller are … taking things slow. Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are featured more than Danielle Olivera. And Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula — well, they’re doing what they do best: arguing. 

Granted, if I were Amanda, I’d probably argue with Kyle, too. But man, these two are constantly at each other’s throats. The latest batch of episodes has shown viewers a few things: Amanda is way too patient, and Kyle is an adult kid better suited for a show like The Valley. After all, the premise is about helping 40+ years old finally learn to grow up, but I digress. 

However, despite driving her up a wall, Amanda is still rocking with Kyle. In a new interview, she told Us Weekly that she hears the fan feedback about her marriage, and the noise can be a lot to handle. “There’s always reminders,” she said, referencing Kyle’s past infidelity. “People think that I can’t let go of the cheating thing, but I get comments in DMs at least once a week reminding me that Kyle cheated on me.”

Amanda is eager to move on from Kyle’s cheating past… 

Amanda continued, saying even if she wanted to let go of Kyle’s past discretions, the Bravoverse would not let her. “How can I let that go if no one else is able to let it go either?”

This season, a significant part of their storyline involves Kyle struggling to connect with Amanda. Conversely, Amanda finds it challenging to keep up with her husband’s childish antics, like 4 A.M. benders, blurting out sensitive information, and interrupting their roommates at the dinner table. Consequently, everybody has questions — and comments. 

“Everyone [is] rooting against us and making bets on when we’ll get divorced and how long we’ll be together and how he deserves better, or I deserve better,” she said. “It’s seeing that all the time really makes you question your own relationship.” 

“People are like, ‘Don’t read the comments. Block out the noise.’ But I’d have to delete my entire Instagram to not come across any of this stuff,” she said. The reality star also discussed the positive messages that come through her inbox. “There’s also wonderful people who are reaching out and I want to respond to, and there’s just that negativity within that.”

Overall, though, Amanda is still learning to roll with the punches, noting she wants to enjoy this moment while she has it. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I shouldn’t be sad and miserable through the whole thing. I just need to focus on the positive aspects of it.”

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