SUMMER HOUSE -- "Rumors Gone Wild" Episode 309 -- Pictured: (l-r) Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke -- (Photo by: Matthew Eisman/Bravo)

Summer House Stars Kyle Cooke And Amanda Batula Respond To Cheating Rumors About Their Marriage

The current season of Summer House is exploding with drama. The Hamptons roommates barely even seem to have fun anymore — they opt for feuding and fighting. Ever since Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard made their relationship official (again), the vibes in the house have been off. Most of the roomies aren’t very excited about Carl and Lindsay moving full-speed ahead, particularly Kyle Cooke.

Kyle is having another season full of lashing out and putting his foot in his mouth. He’s let personal issues between him and Carl spill into their professional relationship at LoverBoy. Kyle’s the most vocal of the “I Hate Lindsay” fan club and doesn’t care who knows it, even his longtime best bud. The ongoing Summer House drama paired with the #Scandoval going on in the Vanderpump Rules universe has been almost too much to bear. So when a blind item accusing Kyle of cheating on Amanda Batula made its way on the internet recently, my heart couldn’t take it. Literally, I had to mentally block it out for a few days for my own well-being.

Amanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live recently with Kyle cheering her on from the audience. Andy Cohen had no choice but to ask about the rumor that Kyle cheated on Amanda last summer. Amanda acknowledged that she knew the post from DeuxMoi was about them right away, based on how the blind item was written (via Us Weekly). There’s only one Cookie Monster on Summer House and we all know who that is.

Despite the tea, Amanda says there’s no merit to it. “I laughed at it and I thought the timing was very convenient, like, came out given what was going on at the time of the show,” Amanda said. She was referring to the drama about Carl working for LoverBoy, so it sounds like she thinks one of her messy co-stars might have written in the gossip. HubbHouse is a PR queen, but Amanda is throwing out more fighting words.

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Kyle, who is never one for staying quiet, chimed in from the audience about the allegations. He confirmed that every night he was “accounted for” last summer so they are categorically false. He also thought it was humorous that someone waited several months after the alleged cheating incident to make it public. “Come on,” Kyle said. Amanda and Kyle might have a point, but this is just adding to the drama. I’m not seeing how any of this back and forth between Kymanda and Carl/Lindsay is going to fix their friendship. They can barely even be on the same show without fights breaking out during every episode.

In light of the Tom Sandoval scandal, let me just say that Kyle cheating on Amanda isn’t unheard of. Summer House is full of cheating scandals. Hey, some of those even included Kyle stepping out on his future wife. I was more shocked that the two actually went through with getting married than I would be about an affair scandal. However, it would be a total #Scandoval 2.0. Can you imagine? LoverBoy would be in even more shambles behind-the-scenes. Paige DeSorbo and co. would rip Kyle a new one. Honestly, Summer House as we knew it might be over at that point. Kyle better stay good and faithful. He could also work on the way he chooses to speak to the women in his life, especially when talking about Lindsay to her own boyfriend.


[Photo Credit: Matthew Eisman/Bravo]