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Bethenny Frankel on ‘Nightmare’ Miscarriage Amid ‘Suffocating’ Marriage: ‘Kind of Relieved’

TW: This article will discuss loss of pregnancy. If you are sensitive to this subject, please be advised.

Bethenny Frankel might be among the most privileged Housewives presently, but that doesn’t mean she’s always had it easy. The former Real Housewives of New York star’s latest crusade has been the reality reckoning.

However, her hopes to bring down Bravo and score better rights for reality stars haven’t kept her from podcasting. In recent podcasts, Bethenny’s been reflecting on her marriage to and divorce from Jason Hoppy.

She’s spoken up about the red flags that she ignored before jumping into her union. Beyond that, she went as far as to say that the relationship gave her PTSD. “I have had every single f–king thing except for physical abuse done to me, and I am an expert on this topic,” she said. Now, she’s reflecting on the mixed emotions her miscarriage brought on.

Jason called Bethenny a “piece of sh*t” after miscarriage

On the April 16 episode of her Just B Divorced podcast, Bethenny recalled the miscarriage she had in her “suffocating” marriage. “In a constructive way, I said, ‘I’m kind of relieved … because I don’t think this is a healthy or positive relationship.” She added, “It was a nightmare that it happened.”

Bethenny and Jason were married from 2010 to 2012. When Bethenny told him that she was “so incredibly relieved” by her miscarriage, he didn’t take it well. He reportedly called her a “real piece of sh*t,” and proceeded to move out of their home, which was also a “relief” for Bethenny.

The former RHONY star first addressed her miscarriage with Glamour, discussing the mixed emotions at the time. “There was, I have to admit, a bit of relief that I wouldn’t be starting my new TV job seven months pregnant,” she said at the time. “And then there was immense guilt at the relief.” Despite all her faults, Bethenny’s no stranger to trauma.