Captain Lee Rosbach at BravoCon 2023
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Captain Lee Responds to Jill Zarin’s Below Deck Drama: Needs ‘Deodorant for Her Attitude’

Captain Lee Rosbach has had his share of difficult charter guests. An entire career in yachting will yield those results. Certainly, Below Deck viewers could recall him dealing with demanding customers on the series before he left it in Season 10.

Despite being retired from captaining a boat on television, Lee still follows the show that made him famous and often responds to events of recent episodes. Most recently, Jill Zarin’s attitude caught the former Bravolebrity’s attention.

Captain Lee thinks Jill should have been left “on her own”

“Below Deck had a tough week,” Captain Lee said on his podcast, Salty With Captain Lee. “They had Jill Zarin on.”

The reality TV star addressed Jill’s most outrageous request during a charter chock-full of demands. She would only drink Diet Coke with ice from a specific machine on board.

“F*ck it, drink your Diet Coke hot. I don’t give a sh*t,” Lee opined to his co-host Sam DeCavalcanti.

The Stud of the Sea also contradicted the Real Housewives of New York alum on her expectation that the bathrooms in the quest quarters be stocked with toiletries. He never saw such a service during his time chartering yachts and said providing toiletries on a luxury yacht “looks tacky.”

“I wonder if she brought some deodorant for her attitude because it sure as hell stunk,” Captain Lee added.

Captain Kerry Titheradge, who took over for Lee upon his exit from the series, advised his crew during the episode to focus on the primary.

“What is happening is that Jill is rattling our cage too much and we are focusing on Jill. We should be focusing on the primary,” Kerry told his team. “We can’t drift away from what the primary wants, otherwise we make more and more mistakes.”

Captain Lee agreed with his successor’s advice. He said, “You take care of the primary. Everybody else is on their own.”

Interior crew member Barbie Pascual had direct contact with Jill during her stay on the motor yacht St. David and she thought Jill acted reasonable.

“I don’t think Jill was as bad as it looked,” she stated. “The only thing I know is the camera doesn’t lie.”

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