The Circle Season 6 Cast Instagram Accounts: Where To Follow All of the Newbies

The Circle Season 6 cast Instagram
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix/© 2024 Netflix, Inc.

MESSAGE: Netflix’s hit series, The Circle, is coming back, SEND. If you haven’t watched this series, you’re missing out. To recap, a handful of players move into separate apartments, all located within the same building. However, they never cross paths, as isolation is key. The way that I would thrive if cast on this series … I’m a loner Dottie, a rebel.

As for how this game’s played, these participants only communicate via text, using an in-house social media app. In this, each contestant presents themselves however they want, even falsely, which is known as catfishing. In Season 1, a male uploaded photographs of a woman, and then he played the entire game underneath a female’s identity. Likewise, another female contestant once used photos of a woman that she deemed more desirable, hoping that these hot vibes would see her rankings soar to that of an “influencer” amongst her costars.

Coming in for another round, The Circle Season 6 launches April 17, 2024, so to help you prepare, I’ve rounded up each of the Instagram accounts for these starting players. Well, most of them, that is. You see, this season also introduces us to Max, a 26-year-old veterinary intern, who is also an AI chatbot, specifically designed to win this cast’s favor. And I oop!

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After combing through all of these Instagram accounts, one thing is for certain; not one of these players hates posing for a selfie. To briefly summarize what else I just saw, there’s more than one influencer, an anime lover, lots of fashion, a few muscles, a likely now-dead turkey, a pro cheerleader, a lover of snacks (same), a professional basketball player, and even, a dog.

And yes. This dog will be joining its owner Kyle on The Circle Season 6. If this good boy receives a “Name has been blocked from the Circle” text, I ride at dawn.

The Circle Season 6 cast: Who has the most followers?

Every single one of these contestants has a stronger social media game than I do. However, Autumn, the aforementioned turkey-hunter, has the highest following out of them all, for now. Her current count comes in at a whopping 272K. Sliding in for the layup though is our basketballer, Kyle. He’s got an impressive 184K.

As this game is based on a contestant’s ability to influence their costars via their given app, the rest of these participants will really need to step up their games. Now, since we already know who the top two collectors of followers are, let me go ahead and also announce our bottom two at the point in time. Coming in as the runner up for losing is Brandon, my lover of snacks, who might just be my spirit animal, but who also only has 816 followers. Sadly, Jordan sits at the bottom for now, with only 790 followers.

Luckily for the rest, their counts all lie somewhere in between. Towards the smaller end, Caress has 3K followers, while similarly, Lauren has 3.5K. Going just a bit higher, Cassie’s got herself 5.7K followers, while Quori-Tyler edges her out at 5.9K. As for our third and fourth highest ranked contestants (for their current followers count, that is), we’ve got Myles coming in at 13.2K, but Steffi blows this number out of the water, with a solid showing of 46.5K.

But who will they claim to be?

In this ruthless game, it’s every player for themselves. Therefore, contestants will often create a character to help them win. It’s not that simple though, as not only will these participants have to arrive as their alter-ego, but they’ll also have to maintain their chosen character’s personality all throughout the entire game. If they break character even just a little bit, then their costars might be able to detect their catfishing style of gaming, and then off they’ll go.

While Max is the fakest cast member, obviously, this AI bot will not be the sole deceiver on its cast. There will actually be two additional phonies in the apartment building. Neither one will be who they say they are, and I’m here for both of their made-up personas.

Brandon, aka my hot dog loving, popcorn consuming, nurse in real-life king, will be playing as his friend, Olivia. Likewise, Caress is also entering into the building under a guise, as she will be filming under the identity of her younger brother Paul, a semi-famous rapper and singer. As Paul holds a far loftier social media game than Caress, with over 300K followers, his sister is hoping to leverage his online fame for the ultimate win.

If you ask me though, I’m predicting that Jordan will be the sloppiest. His bio agrees. It states that he’s “ready to get messy in the game and spread misinformation to make it to the top.” Ok, Jordan, but good luck making it to the end!