Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s Worst Arguments on Summer House

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The current state of affairs is not suitable for Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. Summer House viewers are watching their relationship’s demise play out in the current season. These two were not made to be stranded on Love Island. For ages, it felt like Lindsay had been searching for her happily ever after, but each time, her knight in shining armor dropped his lance and ran in defeat. The two started their relationship as friends and sadly couldn’t make the jump to romance. 

Carl’s commitment issues

In a shocking first date, Carl yelled at Lindsay. Carl wasn’t helping himself, as he noted he came from a family of liars and cheaters, which is not the way to win over any girl. Carl wondered if he could even commit to someone. In this business, we call this foreshadowing. Lindsay wasn’t accepting Carl’s sad excuse, which riled Carl.

As Lindsay kept twisting the knife of commitment into Carl, he exploded, noting, “Yeah, I do, and you know exactly why. I don’t give you shit about stuff. You’re vulnerable, I listen.” Typical Lindsay replied, “Don’t make excuses,” And the literal sh*t hit the fan as Carl yelled, “What!? It’s not a f*cking excuse! Can or apologize or no?” Lindsay tried telling Carl to take a deep breath, but this only riled the man up more. He yelled from the rooftop, “No! You’re disrespecting me.” This was only the first of a long line of fights to come. 

Lindsay calls Carl names

 Lindsay is not above calling her ex-fiance a few names to make herself feel better during a fight. In one of their now infamous Friday night arguments, Lindsay was beside herself with how Carl treated her. Even though there were accusations of gaslighting from both sides, Lindsay felt personally victimized by Carl and let her roomies know about it. 

For the second straight weekend, Lindsay had accused Carl of doing drugs. The Loverboy employee revealed, “You accused me of doing drugs again,” Carl told Lindsay after a night out with their friends. “It’s so f*cked up.” Lindsay then had the script flipped on her as Carl asked, “How many drinks have you had?”

Lindsay then proceeded to lose her mind as she stormed into the kitchen to vent to Amanda Batula. The PR guru shared that Carl was “a f*cking terrorist.” Lindsay was still hurt from being picked on in the car as she explained, “I’m like, ‘What the f*ck? Why are you this aggressive with me?’ Then all of a sudden, he switches the narrative, like, ‘You’ve been drinking.’”

Lindsay questions Carl’s sobriety

The fights have been bad, but Carl couldn’t catch a break when it came to Lindsay firing back accusations. Carl, who has been sober from alcohol since 2021, revealed that his fiance had called him a “liar” and asked, “What are you on?” Bravo cameras caught the fight unfolding as Lindsay questioned her partner, asking, “Carl, do you smoke weed? Did you smoke weed tonight?” When Carl tried to defend himself, things got worse, with Lindsay noting, “You are the biggest gaslighter I’ve ever met. You’re literally like Sandoval right now.”

The passive-aggressive fight from hell

In perhaps one of the most apathetic arguments of all time was in the premiere episode when Carl threatened to stop calling Lindsay “Babe.” Carl was shooting some hoops with his friends, but the bizarre chat that came afterward left most of us thinking, ‘Thank God they broke up.’ After Lindsay brought some cold water, Carl said, “Thanks, babe,” then quickly changed his mind, sharing, “I’m not gonna say ‘babe’ this summer. I’m gonna say ‘dude.’” 

Lindsay, in all of her Lindsay glory, did NOT like the idea, asking, “Do you really care what people think about you?” Carl looked stunned but quickly had to update viewers, noting it was just a “joke” and it “didn’t work.” Needless to say, that wasn’t the end of the weird tension going on between the two.