RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 Finale: Who Will Win?

Photo by: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images for MTV

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 is coming to a close. In the grand finale, these queens will sashay their gorgeous selves down the stage one final time. Following this, the top three finalists will switch into competition mode, hoping to earn the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. Oh yeah, they’ll also be duking duchessing it out for a cool $200K cash prize.

If you ask me, Sapphira Cristál, Nymphia Wind, and Plane Jane are all deserving of this year’s win. They’ve each got talent, heart, and wit oozing out of them in spades. That said, I could also see two of these queens slaying us again, via RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. This leaves one name as the final winner, in my opinion at least.

Even still, this incredible cast has got me torn, so if I could choose how the Season 16 finale played out, I’d go with a triple-crowing first. If denied, then I’d have Sapphira and Nymphia scoring a double crowning. Yet, neither of these will likely be our given scenario, because nothing ever works out in my favor. Therefore, here’s who I think will win, starting at the top.

1) Sapphira Cristál

Mother Sapphira is a consummate professional. Her polished, mature, nurturing presence makes her the top runner for me. As for her performance skills, Sapphira constantly commands the stage, and when she’s werking, it’s all eyes on her. In my opinion, she’s also pretty clearly RuPaul’s favorite.

Also, it’s time for a confession. When Sapphira battled it out in her lip-synching performance to Break My Soul, wearing flouncy, prosthetic, tassel-adorned breasts, I died roughly 18 times from my living room couch. Sometimes, I watch this clip after my entire house has emptied for the day. Then, channeling a K-Mart Blue Light Special edition of our Mother, I’ll start my laundry, flailing around like the queen that I am when no one else is present.

Anyways, in terms of Sapphira’s sheer grit and determination, it’s beyond high. You see, this queen first auditioned for this show back in Season 5. After this casting attempt failed to see her securing a spot, she continued to audition for another 11 seasons. When Season 16 rolled around, her efforts paid off, as Sapphira finally got the gig.

In my opinion, Sapphira’s story arch would best be completed now with a win. As an aside, I also kinda think that she’ll be walking away with the Miss Congeniality title, but on that, we’ll just have to wait and see. I mean, don’t tell my husband, but sometimes, I can be wrong.

2) Nymphia Wind

Listen, I will slip and fall (and maybe even die) on Nymphia’s banana peel, that’s how much I adore this iconic queen. If she cannot tie for first with Sapphira, then I think that she’ll end up placing a very close second. As a whole, this queen’s talented and likable, and I’ll be so sad when she’s no longer on my screen.

Nymphia’s also the best seamstress that we’ve ever seen in this competition. In addition, she’s also shown us her vulnerability, which has made her extremely relatable. When Nymphia revealed to us all her inner monologue(s), which had her comparing herself to the beauty standards that people of color see, in comparison to their white counterparts, I teared up. Whether she ties in for the win or she places a close second, this banana goddess will forever be a success in my eyes.

This all said, should she indeed place second, Nymphia has the charisma to go on and further werk it on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. Therefore, I know full well that whatever happens, Nymphia will remain booked and blessed moving forward.

Plane Jane

There’s nothing plain about Plane Jane. She’s gorgeous and comedic, and she’s also beyond talented, both on stage and in the werkroom. In addition, she knows how to be a total b*tch when needed. Basically, she’s everything that I’d ever hope to see in a drag queen.

Even though Plane Jane gives great shade, her heart and her humor are equally strong, so her presence really made this season great. While I’d love to see Miss Jane if ya nasty therefore taking the win, I wholeheartedly believe that the producers want her back for All-Stars, making Season 16 not hers for the taking. Overall, I think that her story isn’t finished being told, so wherever she appears next, I’ll be there, cheering her on.

Again, I’m super happy to be wrong on all of this, because this is just one of those seasons where all three of our finalists are beyond deserving of the America’s Next Drag Superstar title.