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Lindsay Hubbard Takes Swipe at Carl Radke’s Professional Life: ‘Nine Months Not Doing Anything’

Summer House viewers came to understand yet another reason why Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard were completely mismatched. The issue of the former’s employement drove a massive wedge between the former couple, with the Hubb House owner waiting patiently for some sort of professional drive from Carl.

The Bravolebrity promised his then-fiance he would decide on a new career path by the end of Summer 2023. For her part, Lindsay seemed to be losing her patience. And the former professional publicist had a chance to react during the Summer House After Show following the most recent episode that saw her suggesting to Carl that his lack of initiative was a real turn-off for her.

Carl thinks he’s “crushing it”

Seated next to Gabby Prescod, Lindsay recalled the conversation she had with her formerly betrothed about his career path during the cast extraterrestrial alien-themed party.

“Something that turns me on is when my man is out there, like, crushing life,” Lindsay said to Carl.

He then asked if she thought he was “crushing it.” Lindsay responded, “No, I don’t.”

During the Summer House After Show, the reality TV star spoke about how identity and career is “intrinsically tied together.”

“Societally, especially in New York City, men seek their identity from their careers,” Lindsay said.

Needless to say, she was less than enthusiastic about her then-fiance spending “nine months not doing anything.”

“To have someone say you’re not crushing it when she knows the job stuff is — I think I’ve shared this before — I’m sensitive about the job stuff,” Carl said. He was notably let go during both Season 1 and Season 3 of Summer House.

“I’m sensitive to that,” he added. “I do believe I’m a good worker, and I have a lot of capabilities, that I am capable of crushing it.”

Returning to Loverboy was not a solution for Lindsay

When Carl did express interest in returning to Loverboy, Lindsay was taken aback, given all the time and money he spent on trying to change career paths. Yet despite the valid points, he was expecting “understanding.”

For her part, Lindsay claimed to be “supportive for nine months,” after which she became “exhausted” by Carl’s lack of initiative.

“I was like, ‘Here’s this career coach, talk to him,’ so that I could take something off of my plate, and he could then figure it out with someone else ’cause, again, I can’t f=cking do it all, and this is not sexy for me,” Lindsay told producers during the After Show. “So, has a career coach. Six months. Twenty-thousand dollars later, nothing happens. Nothing happens.”

She added, “We have $20,000 in the career coach. I just want you to be happy and focus on something ’cause if you have a purpose, you’re gonna have confidence. If you have confidence, maybe you’ll f-ck me. If you f-ck me, I’m happy!”

Podcasting is the career du jour of late, Carl revealed during the After Show.

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