What Is Sam Carmona From The Circle Doing Now?


Sam Carmona played The Circle Season 5 at a level one out of ten. After placing last in the cast’s first rating session, Sam began having one-on-one conversations with her costars via their app. Here, she sought to determine why her ratings were so dismal. Afterward, Sam decided to lay low and avoid the drama, causing her to be pretty well-liked by all of her costars.

Wildly, her zero strategy gameplay on Netflix turned out to be the very best thing that she could have done. Sam shockingly went on to win the whole entire competition. Also working in her favor though were her friendships with Chaz Lawery (aka her gusband) and Raven Sutton. As these two were often Influencers, Sam was rarely on the chopping block, and when she was, like in Episode 4, Chaz used his powers to help protect her from a blocking.

When Sam won, I was genuinely happy for her. It’s just so nice to see unproblematic queens rising to the top. Especially in the reality television genre, which typically praises, and sometimes even rewards bad behaviors. So what is Sam up to these days, and what did she use her $100K winnings for? MESSAGE: I’ve got these answers for you now just below. SEND.

A win for Sam was a win for the fam

When Sam was announced as the winner, she gave a pretty emotional speech about how her winnings would be used. “My grandmother lives in the projects. She lives on the fourteenth floor. She is highly asthmatic,” she shared. “If the elevator breaks, she sits in front of the building. I don’t want that for her.” Sam added, helping to explain why she wanted to use her winnings to now “take care of her family.”

Also, Sam’s socials don’t allow for me to share her posts here, but please watch this clip of Sam and her grandma messing around. I about died. The humor and the sass between these two ladies are high, and now, I miss my grandmothers. Lemme have your grammy, Sammy.

But also, I need a coffee date with Sam, because after her win, she gave an interview to Parade that made me cackle. In one section, she said something so unbelievably relatable, that she and I should now be fully-related sisters. In talking about what comes next for her, Sam said “I’m perfectly fine being in the house doing nothing.”

Readers. My name is now Amy Carmona. I’m filing my adoption papers now.

From a lowly ranked start to an influencer-like end

Sam won The Circle Season 5 simply for being herself. These days, she’s getting paid even more for this exact same reason. I mean look, the girl’s got a searchable name now, and she knows that with this, the paychecks will follow. Sam’s moving forward smartly, and with each of her paydays, she can now add on to her already massive shoe collection, which I love for her.

To explain, over on her Linktree landing page, this Circle cast member is passively bringing home the dough. To start, Sam’s got a ton of Amazon shopping lists. Each of these adds the coins to her various bank accounts after her followers buy one of her highlighted items. In these curated lists, Sam’s pointing her fans towards various things like pet finds, sneaker cases, “dope clothing finds,” and even home and beauty deals.

She’s also got a “Bodega,” where she sells a few of her specialty-designed unisex T-shirts. In addition to all of this, there’s also a link to a “Meet & Vibe Pt2 (Game Night Edition).” Now, the last time Sam ran one of these, she had over 2k virtual attendees. That’s pretty decent if you ask me.

However, it doesn’t say how much each of these tickets cost her followers, but even still, it’s clear that Sam’s fans are still showing up for her in droves. Basically, Sam’s now an influencer. This time though, it’s not just in a game. It’s real.

Sam’s former cast members are still in her circle

No matter how messy the antics were amongst her costars in The Circle Season 5, all is now well amongst these former competitors. Since the cameras went down on this cast, Sam has often spoken out about how she still speaks to Chaz and Raven, sometimes even daily. This isn’t shocking. Yet, it’s still nice to hear.

As for the rest of her cast, they’re all still keeping in touch, just not as often. On this same note, while Chaz and Raven are often present on Sam’s socials, I’ve also spotted Xanthi Perdikomatis quite a few times as well. Overall, the moral of Sam’s story is that if you just remain true to yourself, then the friends and the wins will all likely follow.