The Women Have Taken Over On Vanderpump Rules Season 11, and It’s Awesome

Vanderpump Rules
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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is all about the women! Not only do they outnumber the boys this season but they’ve taken center stage. They appear to be calling all the shots this year and are no longer reliant on validation from the boys. Thank god!

While Season 10 was undoubtedly difficult for the whole cast, the ladies showed us you can turn lemons into lemonade, or at least some seriously lucrative business opportunities. Scandoval left Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz with their tails between their legs, meanwhile Ariana Madix has become the “number one guy in the group.”

We’re loving this new surge of girl power on VPR. Let’s be honest, we’d rather watch the women gossip over mocktails than watch another sad scene of the boys talking about their struggling business. Yawn!

Here are all the reasons the women of Vanderpump Rules are winning this season.

They Have All the Power

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Not only do the women have the numbers on their side, they also have the support of fans. Sandoval and Schwartz aren’t exactly popular with the viewers right now, whereas the girls are more beloved than ever. Love that.

The ladies on VPR used to be subjected to more ridicule than the men. Such is life. But boy, how times have changed. Now Sandoval and Schwartz are in the hot seat.

Ariana is clearly the queen of the season and she knows it. We’ve been enjoying watching her masterclass on how to create and keep boundaries play out on VPR. If you want to be in the queen’s orbit, Sandoval can’t be your plus one. Duh!

They Are All Thriving

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The women have reached new peaks this season both professionally and personally. Ariana has a new man, a new cocktail book, and several exciting career ventures on the horizon. Scheana Shay is busy juggling a hit podcast and burgeoning DJ career, all while being a mom to her adorable two-year-old daughter, Summer Moon. Katie Maloney is dedicated to opening her and Ariana’s sandwich shop. Meanwhile, Lala Kent has her hands full running a successful beauty brand and raising her daughter Ocean.

While the women seem to climbing the ladder of success, Sandoval and Schwartz seem to be floundering. Their bar Schwartz & Sandy’s took a major hit after Scandoval, with fans leaving one-star reviews on their website and writing #TeamAriana in the bathroom. Yikes.

They Have Each Other’s Back

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The women appear to be united front this season. They (minus Rachel Leviss, obvi) came to Ariana’s defense at the Season 10 reunion, letting Sandoval know he messed up big time.

We loved seeing the female cast support Ariana in the Season 11 premiere. She returned to TomTom for the first time since finding out about the affair and naturally, the bar brought up a lot of painful memories for her. It was a hard scene to watch. Thankfully, her group of girlfriends were totally there for her. They checked in with her and made sure she felt comfortable in the space. It was nice to see this moment of sisterhood on the show.

They Are Easy to Root For

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Vanderpump Rules has historically been a cast full of villains. It was hard to root for any of them in the early seasons. Back then, everyone was drinking too much, cheating, and shouting in the back alley of SUR. If it wasn’t so iconic it would be depressing.

We thought they would never grow up but they did. While the boys still have some work to do, the ladies of VPR have ditched the party lifestyle and become successful businesswomen. They’ve matured and realized there is more to life than blacking out in Vegas. Love that for them.

It’s easy to root for the ladies this season. They’re strong, passionate, and not willing to put up with any BS. Let’s be real, it’s way more fun watching Ariana kill it at photoshoots than watching Sandoval plunge into an ice bath.