Below Deck Season 11, Episode 12 Recap: All About Anthony

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Welcome back to Below Deck Season 11, Episode 12. In this week’s episode, titled “Bit of an Ick,” Chef Anthony is having trouble meeting the guests’ expectations, endangering the entire crew’s end-of-charter gratuity. Dylan’s still a little bent out of shape about not getting the Lead Deckhand promotion and is talking to anyone who will listen. And there’s a new romance brewing on board the St. David. Here are some of the highlights from Below Deck Season 11, Episode 12.

Barbie makes “sangwiches”

At 1:50 am, Barbie is still babysitting the guests who come out of the hot tub and ask for grilled cheese with lobster. Yum!

“Chef is asleep,” she says. “But I can try to make something, just not lobster. I’m not a good chef.”

“I can bring a bunch of snacks,” she offers, getting an eye-roll from the primary. “How about some sandwiches? I can make sandwiches.” She pronounces it “sangwiches.”

“You’d better have something that I f*cking like,” Carmen yells. Go to bed, Carmen. You’re drunk.

“Very rude,” Barbie says in a confessional. “That’s not cool. We’re here to serve you, but this is so extra. These charter guests are batsh*t.’”

Kyle’s still up, so she enlists his help in the kitchen, but they’re both pretty useless. They can’t even figure out how to make toast for the sandwiches.

“I grew up with nannies who cooked,” Barbie says. “I don’t even know how to make peanut butter and jelly.” Come on, Barbie. Even a five-year-old can figure out PB&J.

They finally make a couple of sandwiches for the King and Queen, and Barbie scurries back out of sight. I hope they cleaned up the kitchen.

With the guests finally tucked into their cabins at 3:00 am, Barbie and Kyle smoke outside. “What would I have done without you?” she asks him.

“Sh*t, that kitchen would have been on fire,” he says, making her laugh.

“Barbie’s totally different than girls I went for in the past,” Kyle interviews. “She’s so high-strung, she’s vertical. And I’m so laid back, I’m horizontal. Weird, but she’s f*cking got a hold on me.”

“I definitely have feelings for Kyle,” Barbie interviews, “but I’m scared to act on it.  So, it’s kind of a game. It’s just like a fun, flirtatious …” She likes him.

Below Deck breakfast mess-up

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Chef has Eggs Benedict (which traditionally contains Canadian bacon) as the breakfast special. When Paris announces it, the primary reminds her that she doesn’t eat pork and asks if she can have turkey bacon or crab instead. Chef has neither of those, but he can do lobster. Carmen isn’t up for that.

“I’m very disappointed you would not have an alternative to pork,” she says. “I’m the primary, and I don’t eat pork. Why would you have all pork stuff? That’s, like, disappointing.”

All Paris can do is apologize. She’s only the messenger. Anthony’s the one who didn’t properly prepare for this guest. In his defense, Chef says that he tried to order turkey or duck bacon, but he couldn’t find it anywhere in the area.

As breakfast is served, Anthony speaks to Queen Carmen. “I’m sorry for the turkey bacon,” he says. “but you know, in the Caribbean, I always try to order everything, and it’s [not always] available.”

“You’re forgiven,” she says graciously. Whew.

A chat with “Dylan Underpants”

Dylan Piérre De Villiers
Photo by: YouTube/ Dylan De Villiers

In the crew mess, Ben tells Sunny, “I’ve gotta chat to Dylan Underpants this morning.” Ha! That’s funny. “He’s just telling people things like, ‘Oh, Sunny only got Lead Deckhand ’cause she’s f*cking Ben.’”

“Dylan needs to take a seat,” Sunny interviews. “Ben and I had a relationship before he became the Bosun. And it’s not just the Bosun’s decision, it’s the Captain’s … Stay in your lane.” LOL! Sunny thinks she and Ben are in a “relationship.” Isn’t that cute?

Finally, Ben meets with his deckhand. “All I said was that I think I have more experience than [Sunny],” Dylan says, not being 100% truthful.

“Someone’s come to me,” Ben responds, “and said, ‘Dylan is very upset that Sunny got the job, basically because she opened her legs.’”

“I just said what I thought,” Dylan says. “The lead deckhand needs to be the person leading the other two deckhands, saying where to detail and everything like that. I’ve got the experience of how this stuff works.”

“Yes, you might have a lot more than Sunny,” Ben replies. “But it’s not necessarily going off experience for me. Yeah, we have been sleeping together, but for me, it’s all about the attitude. And I think she knows a little bit more about the boat than you do. It just sucks that a few things had to come through other people.”

“I’m sorry if it offended you in any way,” Dylan says. I’m sorry, it’s not an apology when you say, “Sorry you were offended,” but you’re not sorry for what you did.

“All right, we’ll leave it at that, dude,” Ben concludes. I’m not sure we’ve heard the last of this issue. Dylan’s butt hurt, and I’m not sure he can just let it go.

Beach picnic sh*t show

The guests are having a steak and lobster picnic on the beach. Anthony agreed to cook on the boat and just reheat everything on the beach to save time. But he ran out of time on the boat, so now he has to cook on the beach. Fraser is not pleased.

“Didn’t we just have this conversation?” he moans.

Paris radios Fraser to find out what time the guests will return to the boat. He responds, “The food’s still on the grill. We’re behind schedule by at least half an hour.”

Captain Kerry overhears that message and mutters, “That’s not good.”

“I’m going to switch,” Anthony tells Ben. “I’m going to be a deckhand now.” It’s just too much. Cooking on a boat is far different than working in a restaurant where you have sous chefs and helpers.

“This is not just affecting my [service] team,” Fraser interviews. “But it’s affecting the boat, and I just know that this tip is going to be sh*tty. Most of my time at the moment is spent with Chef, begging him to do his job correctly … I don’t have time for that.”

“How’d the beach go?” Kerry asks when Fraser returns.

“The meal took its time,” Fraser says. “I don’t think they particularly enjoyed it.”

“It’s getting to a point that we might have to make a change,” Kerry tells Fraser. “I’ll start looking at resumes.”

“Every single day Anthony’s been on the boat, I’ve had to give him guidance,” Kerry interviews. “I’m fine with that if you learn from everything that we talk about. If one person can’t run at the same speed as the rest of us, we’ve gotta leave ‘em behind.”

King Ray just wants his grilled cheese and lobster

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At dinner, King Ray specifically reminds Anthony to prep the grilled cheese and lobster sandwiches for Barbie to heat up later. But Anthony preps turkey paninis instead. Clearly, he didn’t hear “grilled cheese and lobster.”

Later when Barbie delivers the perfectly toasted paninis, Ray blurts out, “Oh, hell no! That’s not what I ordered. He didn’t do the lobster? The grilled cheese? We talked about it! We had a whole conversation about it.”

“Melted bullsh*t cheddar,” Ray adds angrily. “That’s f*cked up. I asked for lobster.” He certainly did. Anthony screwed the pooch this time. I think he’s a goner.

Ray is so upset that Barbie decides she’d better wake Anthony. “I think Chef’s gonna be in big trouble if we don’t wake him up,” she tells Kyle.

Kyle knocks on his door and tells Anthony, “Cheffie, I hate to wake you up, but the primary’s saying that they asked you for a lobster grilled cheese. Could you make one? Sorry to wake you up, brother.”

So Anthony gets dressed and drags his ass back to the kitchen to make a middle-of-the-night sandwich. “It’s going to take a while,” he tells Kyle. “I have to cook the lobster.”

Anthony never heard Ray ask for a “lobster grilled cheese,” he only heard the grilled cheese part. I wonder if Anthony has an auditory processing disorder to go with his dyslexia. No judgment, but I just realized that he seems to miss a lot.

The guests appreciate Chef getting out of his bed to make them a snack, and everyone says it’s delicious. It might make a difference in their gratuity at the charter’s end.

The guests aren’t the only ones leaving

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“Fraser, you were like my best friend the whole time,” Carmen says. “Chef, as a non-pork eater, I would think that you guys would have more options … I’m the Primary. I’m the head bitch, and I didn’t get that.”

At the tip meeting, Captain says, “The tip is $17,250 … That’s $1326 each.” Could have been worse. “I’m gonna have a meeting with some people after.”

First up is Fraser. “Hello, Captain,” he says. “How’re you doing?”

“Not good,” Kerry answers. “The guests [didn’t enjoy] the food. There were some issues.”

“Preferences weren’t really considered,” Fraser adds. “The meals lost any … sense of superior standard.”

“All right,” Kerry says. “Thanks, mate.”

Anthony is next. He’s not at all surprised. “F*ck my life.”

“I think you’re an incredible chef,” Kerry begins. “Your food is absolutely amazing. But you’re starting to kind of nosedive.”

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about,” Anthony answers. Really?

“You don’t see where things are going wrong?” Kerry replies. “The food’s being late, making mistakes, not being prepared … This is not the environment for you, mate. You’re not flourishing  here.”

“People, every day, tell me I’m the most amazing chef in the world,” Anthony says. “So, every people is full of sh*t?”

“There’s more to being a chef on a superyacht … than just being an amazing chef,” Kerry says.

“This is the first time I get fire,” Anthony says. “First time ever in my life.” He’s shocked.

“I have a lot of respect for you, mate,” Kerry tells him. He can see Anthony’s emotional and offers to let him stay on the bridge for a minute to gather himself.

“That’s okay,” Chef says. “I want to finish cleaning the galley.”

I’m sad for him. He was in over his head.

Kyle and Barbie have chemistry

On the way to dinner, Barbie tells Sunny and Ben, “Listen, if you guys bunk tonight, that’s totally fine. But [Kyle] can’t get in my bed again.”

“Oh, really?” Kyle laughs. “Tell me that in three hours’ time, eh?”

At dinner, Barbie wants French fries, and Kyle shares his. “Thank you, lovey,” she says. “You’re the best.”

“There’s chemistry with Kyle,” Barbie confesses. But Kyle is unlike any other guy she’s ever dated. “He’s very free-spirited … I don’t think my dad would support me being with Kyle. But the reality is, he is my safety. It’s a very weird situation.”

After dinner, the group plays Truth or Dare. “I’ll do a dare,” Barbie says.

“I dare you to choose a guy to kiss,” Dylan says.

“Okay,” she says, looking over the available men. Kyle tilts his head and gives her a cocky smirk. How can she not choose him? “I’m not hooking up with anybody, so cheers,” she says, taking a shot instead.

“My mom’s a sex therapist,” she interviews. “So, it’s actually kind of crazy ’cause I have a really conservative father. But my mother is very not conservative. It’s my life problem. Like, I want to be this really modest person, but I’m not.”

Back at the boat, Kyle leans against the bar. Barbie walks over and says, “Come on, babe … Can we go to bed?” So much for “stay out of my bunk!”

“Kyle got a new side of me that I’ve never [seen before],” Barbie interviews. “I’m falling for Kyle … Kyle’s my rock in this whole thing. Kyle’s my escape from everything.”

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