Deal or No Deal Island Episode 9 Recap: Two Players Go to War

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Welcome back! Let’s get right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 9 recap. Last time, Dawson played against the Banker. He accepted a personal offer of $100,000 which meant he had to self-eliminate. This week’s episode, “Are You Ruthless?” ignited a bitter feud between two players. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 9!

Welcoming a new Night Owl

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Stephanie, Amy, and Nick, the remaining Night Owls, were chomping at the bit to take out Boston Rob. The group knew that the Survivor star was experienced, and he proved it with his game.

So, the group invited Jordan to take Dawson’s place. The goal was to get rid of either Aron or Rob. Although Rob and Aron also thought that Jordan was working with them. She was rolling with it before deciding which side suited her game.

A confusing excursion

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The group arrived for the challenge. When Aron saw the ATVs, he started to feel anxious. Joe, the host, explained that the Banker decided to send the group on a “friendly island excursion.”

This time the Banker was testing the group to see who would do whatever it took to win. For this challenge, unmarked cases were hidden in the north jungle and the south jungle. Each team must take one case from each location.

The highest value case was $5 million. But there were also two red cases. One contained a “steal” and one contained the lowest value possible. Teams could only take one red case.

On each team, one contestant will be the navigator, and one will be the driver. Each navigator must use a set of keys to unlock a box that contains a map with case locations. Then, the navigator will direct the driver to the cases.

Each team must lock in two cases. The team with the highest combined value will be safe from The Temple and select who will face the Banker.

The Teams

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This time, the group can select their team members.

  • Aron is the navigator and Rob is the driver
  • Stephanie is the navigator and Nick is the driver
  • Jordan is the navigator and Amy is the driver

Rob told Aron that they should take the lowest cases. They won’t be safe in the middle. They can control their fate if they are the bottom two.

Aron opened the box first and handed the keys to Rob. “Let’s see if driving around those rotaries in Boston helps you, Rob!” Joe exclaimed. Oh, it will!

Aron now has his walkie and a map. The $5 million is in the south jungle in the water, attached to a rope. Stephanie was the next to open her box, and Nick headed off.  Finally, Jordan opened hers and Amy hit the gas.

A road trip through the jungle

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While the Night Owls hoped that Rob and Aron would be in the middle, Stephanie and Nick wanted to have immunity. So, they were targeting high-value cases.

Rob grabbed the red case under the rocks. Back at the starting point, Jordan asked Stephanie if she wanted to tell each other what they were going for and then direct their partners. Stephanie stalled, saying that she needed to ask Nick.

Jordan realized that Stephanie was looking out for number one. “It’s very clear she was trying to keep a distance and it’s so shady,” Jordan said.

Communication breakdown

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Meanwhile, Rob was at the second location, but he couldn’t hear Aron. It was only static. Aron didn’t know how to use the walkie, so Rob was flying blind. Nick arrived at the second location, and Stephanie told him where the $5 million case was located. But it was gone.

Rob was the first back, and Aron discovered that he changed the channel on the walkie-talkie. Oops! After a while, Amy answered Jordan, and she was lost. Then Stephanie asked Jordan to cover the walkie so Rob and Aron couldn’t hear what Amy was saying. Rude! Finally, Amy went for the other red case.

And may I applaud Joe’s performance from The Princess Bride? Finally, Nick came back, followed by Amy.

The big reveal

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Aron and Rob opened up the red case, and it was $1 million. Amy and Jordan’s red case had the “steal.”

Jordan asked Rob if his team wanted to share any information, and he said that he couldn’t. So, Amy traded her red case for one of Nick and Stephanie’s cases. The case that Amy and Jordan stole contained $4 million, and their other case contained $4.5 million. Nick and Stephanie’s other case contains $4.25 million.

Rob and Aron were shocked when they opened their final case, and it was $5 million. They were in the dreaded middle, with Jordan and Amy at the top and Nick and Stephanie at the bottom. Rob was steamed that Aron read the map incorrectly when he told him which case he had. Remember, Rob picked the case at random.

Back at camp, the Night Owls met. Nick wanted to play the Banker. Then the group pondered what Aron and Rob’s alliance name would be. “Dumb and dumber,” Amy said. Jordan didn’t enjoy the Night Owl’s “catty” discussions. But she can’t complain about their behavior at this point.  

Was there some distrust brewing among the Night Owls? Stephanie was worried that Rob would persuade Nick to go after her. She lied and told Nick that Rob warned her that she should be worried about Nick. Now Nick was even more fired up to send Rob home.

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

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Nicholas Grasso faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 9.

At The Temple, Nick told Joe that he knew that Rob and Aron had brought up his name to Stephanie. Rob told Nick that wasn’t true. Then Stephanie said that she didn’t believe that Rob was honest with Nick. “You just think you can manipulate everything. Everyone’s playing Rob’s game,” Stephanie said. “You’re out of control,” Rob fired back.

Then Amy said that she heard that Nick was the target. She asked both Aron and Rob if they mentioned Nick’s name. They both denied it, and Rob asked if the information came from Stephanie.

Rob added that he was always the target, and Stephanie responded that no one was thinking about him. That was wild! Even Nick was confused by Stephanie’s comments.

Nick is ready to rumble

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Next, Joe asked Nick how he would spend the cash if he won at the finale. “I just got engaged to the love of my life, Nicole,” he said. Nick would love to pay for his large destination wedding in Tuscany.

I love the bromance between Nick and Joe. For his case, Nick selected number nine. That was Nicole’s brother’s baseball number. Sadly, her brother passed away.

Nick has to select eight cases in the first round. When the Banker called with an offer of $983,000, Nick declined it. In the second round, he had to select two cases. With the first case, he finished clearing the lower offers off the board.

There was still $4.25 million and $4.5 million on the board. The Banker offered Nick the biggest offer in the history of Deal or No Deal. It was $4,417,000. Wow!

Nick took the deal. But did he make a good one? He needed his case value to be less than the offer he accepted.

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 9?

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Nicholas Grasso was the eighth player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

Nick’s case contained the $4.5 million, which was a bad deal. “I put a lot on the line for my squad, you know, the Night Owls. I went out swinging. If I went out as a sitting duck I would have been disgusted with myself,” Nick said in his final confessional. “I brought home the biggest amount in Deal or No Deal history. So, even though I’m not the Banker’s ultimate opponent, I robbed him blind tonight.” The value of the final case is now a whopping $8,908,000.

According to Rob, it is an all-out war with Stephanie. “If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make sure Stephanie does not win this game,” he said.

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