Deal or No Deal Island Episode 8 Recap: One Player Fails To Complete the Challenge

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Welcome back! Let’s get right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 8 recap. Last time, Stephanie played against the Banker and won, sending Alyssa home. Poor Aron left The Temple amid a panic attack. This week’s episode, “Are You Meticulous?” features a crazy challenge in a swamp. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 8!

Aron’s emotional state

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Aron was emotional and anxious after Alyssa, his best friend in the game, was eliminated. He was particularly upset that he didn’t stand up for her.

The group, minus Boston Rob, was sitting at the table and Aron reluctantly sat down. Amy asked to talk with him, and Aron responded, “If you feel like it’s not too problematic.” Amy told Aron that she didn’t “appreciate” when Aron told her to stop slamming Alyssa.

Aron stood up, yelled at Amy, and walked away. Amy complained because he told her to stop dissing Alyssa at The Temple. Was Amy salty because Aron nixed her pitch to be in a final two alliance?

After Aron left, Nick revealed that Aron told Alyssa that he would “avenge” her. Meanwhile, Jordan went to check on Aron as Boston Rob arrived. He admitted in his confessional that he “has a soft spot for Aron.” As the Night Owls were busy hooting, Rob told Aron to let him know if any players bothered him. He also said that the best way to honor Alyssa was to play the best game possible.

A new day

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Jordan chatted with Aron to see how he was doing. She was happy with her position floating in the middle without a target on her back. Right now, it is The Night Owls against Rob and Aron.

In fact, while Rob and Aron were sitting alone, they could hear The Night Owls hooting. “I can’t stand the gleefulness of this morning,” Rob said. Same. I don’t mind a little hooting, but reel it in, guys.

Rob was also worried about Aron. They can’t be in the middle and be safe. They have to shoot for immunity. And right now, Aron isn’t in great shape due to his emotional distress.

As they headed to the excursion, the group saw a sign that said, “Swamp of Secrets.” The Banker has arranged, in the host’s words, “a super unpleasant terrain slog.” Lovely. According to Joe, the Banker wanted to test their precision.

There were 10 pedestals with case value amounts on top of them. At the bottom of the pedestal were ropes that led into the swamp. Each rope was connected to an unmarked case. Guests must lock in a case within 45 minutes. The highest-value case was worth a staggering $4.5 million.

Plus, the Banker made the stakes interesting. The players who grab the four highest-value cases will be safe. Any of the bottom three competitors will be in jeopardy.

Each player stood behind a giant timer. They must wait for their sand to empty before beginning their swamp trek. And, just to make this more stressful, each player must sabotage another player by adding sand to their timer. Amy poured her sand into Aron’s timer, as did Dawson. Nick targeted Rob, and Rob added his sand to Amy’s timer. In the end, Stephanie was the only person with no sand.

A down-and-dirty challenge

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Stephanie headed off as the other players unplugged their timers. Stephanie took her time at the cases, while everyone else had the go-ahead to enter the game. That left just Aron and Joe.

Rob and Nick both followed the $4.5 million rope. Everyone ran, swam in the dank water, climbed through tangled trees and brush, and tried to follow their rope. It was chaos. Eventually, Rob abandoned the highest-value rope and let Nick have it.

Amy lost her rope and grabbed a case from a tree, as did Rob. Then Rob saw Aron wandering alone. He told Aron to take that case. Dragging the cases back to the check-in station was a huge challenge because they were still attached to a rope.

Nick locked in the $4.5 million, bellowing “King of the jungle, baby!” He will decide who goes against the Banker.

Rob was the next player back. He told Joe that he just grabbed a case that he saw. “Let me ask you this. Do you feel lucky?” Joe asked. Well, I guess so, since he nabbed the $3.75 million. Rob was also safe!

Dawson was the third player back, and instead of a higher-value case, he had $2.75 million. Stephanie had the $3.25 million case. Unfortunately, she thought it was in the top four, and it wasn’t. Amy lugged back the $3 million case.

As time ran down, Aron and Jordan were still in the swamp, wrestling with their cases. Jordan locked in the $4 million case. With a minute left, Aron returned without a case.

“I tried my best. I tried to fight for Alyssa, but I’m drained. I’m spent. This was more than just a failure,” Aron said. “It’s an epic failure.”

Two players want to face the Banker

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Nick, Jordan, Rob, and Stephanie are safe. But Dawson, Aron, and Amy were the bottom three.

When Rob told Aron that they needed to convince Nick to let Aron play, Aron didn’t want to speak with him. And Dawson was psyched to play the Banker and make a big move. And that move would be to beat the Banker and send Aron home.

Finally, Aron approached Nick and explained that he wanted to be in charge of his destiny in the game. But Nick was concerned that if Dawson played and lost, the Night Owls would be down a member. And if Aron played and won, then Amy or Dawson would be sent home. Decisions, decisions.

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

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Dawson Addis faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 8.

Joe asked Dawson what he would do with the final case if he made it to the finale. “My Ma recently decided to move pretty far north. We rarely ever see her. I would just really like to see her retire and get her back home,” Dawson said. “Obviously, there’s a lot of grandkids right now. My brothers are reproducing a lot.”

So, Dawson selected number three as his case. During this round, he has to open six cases. Dawson was on fire, clearing five low amounts off the board.

The Banker called, and Joe jokingly answered, “Dawson’s assistant speaking.” The Banker’s first offer was $1,166,000. When Joe asked Aron if he should take the offer, he responded that Dawson could decide for himself. As for Nick? His response was, “Hell no!”

So, Dawson refused the offer. He now has to open three cases in the next round. Dawson lost three big numbers off the board. Yikes!

The Banker called with an offer of $1,399,000. Then the phone rang again. The Banker was nervous, so he presented Dawson with a personal offer of $100,000. But with one big catch. If he accepts it, Dawson will have to leave the game.

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 8?

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Dawson Addis was the seventh player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

In the end, Dawson accepted the banker’s personal offer. The $1,399,000 will be added to the final case value, which jumped up to $4,491,000. Joe asked if Dawson’s mother would be proud of him. “One hundred percent,” Dawson said. “She’s going to be very proud.”

Just for fun, Dawson opened his case, which was valued at $2.75 million. He pulled his case! But he would have made a bad deal if Dawson accepted the Banker’s offer.

In his final confessional, Dawson admitted, “It was very bittersweet to eliminate myself from the game knowing that, you know, the Night Owls went from four to three. I took the personal offer because I want to obviously, get my family all together.” He added, “I’m hoping my Night Owls are the ones who kick ass and finally win at the end of this game.”

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