How Did Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Celebrate Her Birthday?

Christine Brown
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The Sister Wives clan has had a rough go for the last few months. The Brown family, including Christine Brown, have been navigating their lives since the loss of their beloved Garrison Brown. Christine helped raise most of the older Brown children and was a mother to all. The newly married former polygamist has been taking it one day at a time as she moves on with her everyday life. Looking at the brighter side of life, Christine recently celebrated her 52nd birthday. 

Christine is known for throwing the best parties. For her 50th birthday, she threw a 1920s-themed bash, which included dressing to impress. She hired out a hall and catered the event. Some family members like Janelle Brown also attended and got into the spirit of things. Christine is also known for throwing her children some amazing bashes. Between home-cooked food, cake, and presents galore, who doesn’t love a birthday?! But what did the mother of five do to celebrate another trip around the sun? 

Well wishes

In honor of Christine’s birthday, her daughter, Mykelti Brown, took to Instagram to send a happy shout-out. The photo was of Christine holding her grandchildren, smiling, with the post “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST MAMMA & OMA EVA. Literally love the all of you !!!! Party it up today.” Archer and Ace looked comfy in their grandmother’s arms, while another photo shared Mykelti and Christine sharing a hug. 

Christine’s other daughter, Ysabel Brown, also posted a touching tribute to her mother. The college student wrote, “Happy birthday, mommy.” Ysabel posted a throwback photo of her as a baby and another photo of her and Christine at her mother’s wedding. It is presumed that the other family members also sent well wishes via birthday cards as Christine was always so popular with the family. 

Garrison and Christine have close birthdays 

Christine didn’t exactly advertise her plans for this birthday, and it makes sense if she wanted to keep them on the down low this year. Garrison and Christine were both Aries and shared a birthday only eight days apart. Garrison would have turned 26 on April 10, while Christine’s special day was April 18. Christine did post a touching tribute to Garrison, which was accompanied by a few old photos of the cat lover during better times. Christine posted photos of the entire family, including Kody Brown, which showed that she was a class act all the way. 

Christine waited a day to post as she was still grieving her loss but wrote, “Yesterday was Garrison’s birthday. Gosh. It was just too hard to post. So many good times, so many memories…not enough, though. ‘Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. ‘Lo they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.” 

What did Christine do?

Christine posted a photo of her favorite vegetable, the artichoke, on her official birthday. It could stand to reason that she and David Woolley had a home-cooked meal and enjoyed a much-needed romantic night at home. Along with the fun fact, Christine shared some much-needed inspiration with those you might need on her special day. The ex-wife of Kody noted that even though artichokes can take time to eat, they are worth the time investment. 

Christine shared that artichokes are “Just like your problems. You can tackle them piece by piece, keep going, don’t give up (it’s worth it), and then right before you’re almost through it…one last hard push and you’re done with it.” Last year, Christine spent her birthday eating a plate of nachos (which was a dig at Kody) with her husband. David even jabbed at Kody, writing, “Happy Birthday! I love eating nachos with you, My Queen!”

It is safe to say Christine had a very low-key birthday celebration this year, making sure not to rock the boat. Hopefully, Christine’s 53rd birthday will involve a trip to Disneyland (her favorite place), where she will be surrounded by her kids and grandkids. Happy birthday, Christine, and keep moving forward