Why Christine Brown and David’s Marriage May Be In Trouble

Christine Brown in Sister Wives
Photo Credit: TLC via YouTube

When Christine Brown first started to date David Woolley after her infamous split from Sister Wives star Kody Brown, some family and friends were worried. And rightfully so. The mother of six had literally sling-shot herself into a new romance pretty quickly off the back of her toxic marriage. It was evident that Christine wanted to prove to everyone that she had found real love. But had all the PDA and love bombing backfired? 

How Did Christine and David Meet?

Christine Brown/Instagram

 In December 2022, David and Christine started dating after meeting online. The couple became official on Valentine’s Day 2023 and have been pretty inseparable ever since. Not only did David become a huge part of the Sister Wives star’s social media, but he also seemed to be in on the jokes, especially when they were a dig at the polygamous patriarch. 

Fairly soon after making it Instagram official, the duo were spotted out at Disneyland referring to one another as “king” and “queen.” Honestly, it was a bit gross to see just how taken Christine was, and while fans seemed happy enough for her, a few wondered if it was just too good to be true. David and Christine seemed blissfully happy even if the math didn’t always add up. 

Who Supported Their Union

Christine Brown/Instagram

At first, it didn’t feel like many Brown family members supported Christine’s run down the aisle. Paedon Brown revealed that he would “never” support his mother publicly or privately. The only son of Christine and Kody always has something to say about everything, and it felt that he was just being difficult for the sake of it. There were rumors that Janelle Brown also thought her besties were going way too fast.

But as fans are seeing on Sister Wives, Paedon clearly was okay with the marriage since he was the one who walked his mother down the aisle. Janelle and the rest of the older children were also there to show their support. Maddie Brown cried to the TLC cameras as she shared just how happy she was that her second mom had found true love after all. Kody naturally hated everything about his third wife moving on, but that made the wedding much more enjoyable, I presume. 

All The Red Flags

Christine Brown/Instagram

However, things are not always what they seem, as Christine’s close friends have recently spoken out to The U.S. Sun, noting they are “concerned” for the TLC star and very much feel as if she “rushed” into the marriage. It turns out that “Most of her inner circle is having a hard time believing that it’s true love.” A couple of red flags would be the timing, as they hadn’t even been dating for a year before David proposed, and they ran down the aisle. It turns out Ysabel Brown and Aspyn Brown have their guard up after voicing a few concerns when it comes to their future stepfather.

Even though a lot of Christine’s closest friends are worried “They just aren’t going around voicing it to everyone because they don’t want to take away from Christine’s happiness and having her moment ruined.” The worst takeaway is that, apparently, Christine has changed after courting David and is “not the same person.” Another red flag is that Christine has been acting out by getting tattoos and dressing sexier.

Did Christine Make a Mistake?

Christine Brown/Instagram

Sources close to Christine and David insist that she is totally different when she is with him, stating, “She’s showing off her tattoos, she’s doing things she’s never done before, and she’s showing her wild side that people have never seen before. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing; it’s just friends are concerned that she might be forgetting her roots and how she was raised.”

But it is okay to change if it is for the better. When her friends note about Christine forgetting her roots, I can only assume they are referring to her Mormon upbringing, which taught her how to be a perfect wife to her husband and basically take all of Kody’s shit. So maybe a bit of change could do Christine some good. But I do hope Christine is actually in love with the construction executive. It would be such a pity if Christine got her magical white wedding, and again, it meant nothing.