Reasons Why Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover Could Be the Forever Love

Paige DeSorbo Craig Conover
Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Image

I love a good old-fashioned Bravo love story. You know the one. Boy meets girl. Girl isn’t ready to give up her life to become a wife. Boy stays and waits, forever pining. While this isn’t the usual fairy tale romance for most this is how the nutty story has been written for Paige Desorbo and Craig Conover. For a few years, the couple have graced the small screen. Between their made-for-TV moments and witty banter, fans are rooting for them and hope they are the couple to last. 

Relationship timeline

Not surprisingly, Paige and Craig first met on the set of Summer House in 2019. The Hamptons isn’t too shabby a place to fall in love, but the duo started as a deep friendship because both were seeing other people. The friendship bloomed in 2021 pretty shortly after shacking up together in Winter House. Finally, after months of speculation, the couple made it official in October 2021. 

Paige is an upgrade

Paige seems like the one for Craig because she is the best relationship he has had. Previously, Craig dated Naomie Olindo, who did not approve of his sewing or gardening. She wanted a man with a plan, and at the time, Craig had no plan. As Craig once noted, “What’s wrong with my sewing?” Paige at least lets him be himself. The fashionista was with Craig during a lot of his questionable moments, which were mainly brought on by his depressive era. Without a doubt, Paige gives a “cool” girlfriend vibe.

Paige gushes on her podcast

Along with Hannah Berner, Paige hosts a pretty entertaining podcast named Giggly Squad. More than once, she has opened up to viewers about her relationship. And while at times it feels like their relationship is all for the cameras, when she talks on her podcast, her love comes across as genuine. Paige often calls him “chicken” and Craig is always ready to make quality time with his girlfriend. So I think it’s safe to say they like one another. 

The Paige Collection

Perhaps the stamp of a committed relationship is when two reality TV stars collaborate. I was thrilled to see Paige lend her creative eye to a Sewing Down South collection. Firstly, this means that Craig trusts his business baby with Paige and wants to see her flourish. The couple shared that they wanted to share a bit of themselves with consumers. And the pillows were adorable. The pillows highlight the stark differences between their two home cities. With unique designs, it is hard to ignore that the duo meshes well together. 

Paige is in control

Sometimes, I think it is rare for a woman on Bravo to be the leader of her relationship. For years, we’ve watched multiple housewives be thrown away in a messy divorce or cheated on. Often left with little options because the husband was the breadwinner. But Paige is a horse of a different color. She is calling the shots, paying her rent, and working for her lifestyle. She is far from relying on Craig, even though he’d like to lend a hand. She is a modern, independent woman, and I love this for them. 

During the latest episode, Danielle Olivera’s opinions were a little too blunt as she accused Paige of stinging Craig along. After the graphic designer’s unwarranted thoughts, Paige made her stance pretty clear: “I don’t at all because I know I’m going to marry him. But it’s going to be on my terms. And like, if that’s not okay, then okay, that’s not okay for you.” So, while it might not be on our timeline, Paige has a plan. Sadly I think her love method includes Craig having to wait a bit longer to be a husband but I think it will be well worth it to be able to call Paige, Mrs. Conover.