All The Ways Janelle Brown’s Life Is Simpler Without Kody

Janelle Brown
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It’s been almost a year since Janelle Brown called it quits on her marriage to Sister Wives star Kody Brown. I dare say she isn’t regretting her choice in the least. As they say, people enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Thankfully, Janelle only had to deal with the polygamous patriarch for a season. Fans watched their relationship decline over time, thanks to Kody’s selfish ways and refusal to take accountability for his actions. While Janelle used to walk on eggshells, now she’s doing whatever she wishes without having to answer to Kody. Janelle was the most logical and brightest of the bunch. She was always too good for Kody, and she deserves this new chapter of complete independence and freedom.

Janelle Sees Her Kids More

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Life is so much simpler for Janelle now that Kody is out of her life, with one noticeable difference being she sees her children a whole lot more. The 54-year-old has always been close to her children, but their feud with Kody often blocked her from having any major family events. For example, when her son Logan Brown got hitched, Janelle sat front row while Kody and Robyn Brown were seated on the bride’s side and in the middle of other guests.

Since her divorce, Janelle has been spotted traveling all over the country to visit her children. She racks up the miles between North Carolina, Las Vegas, and back to Arizona. Kody has yet to improve things with his children, but that means there is more quality time for Janelle to snatch up.  

Janelle Has Her Own Schedule

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle once told People, “Life is simpler because what would happen is Kody would come because he was very good about sticking to his schedule, but it was this whole upheaval of my routine in my life, and where there wasn’t a whole lot of connection emotionally, it just felt like a burden. Now, Janelle doesn’t have to worry about Kody’s wants and put her needs first, which must be a breath of fresh air after 25 years of being told what to do. Janelle joked, “And now I go to bed when I want; I eat what I want for dinner.”

For Janelle, her life as a single woman is now about the basic need of being able to choose whatever she feels like doing at the time. While she isn’t ready to jump back into a relationship, she has hinted it would be nice to have a life partner but to be honest, she has been single for so long due to Kody’s love for Robyn that I don’t think she should rush into anything as she is doing pretty well on her own. Janelle agreed “If Kody and I had been different and been really connected, and then I think that would’ve been a very different story. But as it was, I’m so much more free. I was pretty independent and free before, but I’m really free now.”

What Does Freedom From Kody Mean?

Janelle Brown/Instagram

For Janelle, being free from Kody’s tyranny means she can do whatever her heart desires. Whether it is traveling, sleeping in on a Sunday, or visiting her best friend Christine Brown. After Christine left the plural family, it was clear that Kody was not pleased Janelle still wanted a friendship as he often pressured his second wife to choose him. Now, there is no more choosing, only winning for Janelle. 

And go figure, Janelle is dreaming big now that she doesn’t have a 220lb man-child anchoring her down. Janelle shared, “I feel like I can choose now. My youngest is graduated from high school. I now have an exciting professional life, and I have all these kids, I have grandkids, and I just want to explore this part of my life.” People like Janelle trusting their partner to make good decisions for them when they’re not capable is a tale as old as time, though. But now, at least, Janelle can rewrite her fairytale.