Monica Garcia
Photo by: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Monica Garcia Suffers Miscarriage Just Weeks After Announcing Pregnancy

Just a few weeks ago, Monica Garcia revealed that she was expecting. Sadly, her world has just come crashing down. While getting a check-up, her baby’s heartbeat was absent, causing Monica to learn that she’d suffered a miscarriage. Unfortunately, this happens to so many woman, this writer included, yet no one tends to talk about the pains that this early of a child loss can bring.

And yet, Monica bravely spoke up, so to her and Braxton Knight, please know that you are not alone. If you guys are reading this, your pain and your tears are valid, for as long as you need for them to exist.

Also, if any of our readers read this byline, and your stomach tightened, knowing exactly what this hurt feels like, we stand with you as well. And now, here’s Monica’s heartbreaking, relatable, beautiful tribute to her precious forever baby.

The hardest goodbye

First, let me just say thank you, Monica, for using your platform in such a raw, relatable way. You might not ever know how many woman will read your post, feeling less alone in their grief.

In her post, Monica first laid it all out on the line, explaining that the “One thing I promised myself when opening my life up to all of you was that I was going to do it completely unapologetically and authentically raw as possible. I would show you my life in all aspects because that is what I agreed to do.”

And then, Monica revealed her loss. “Unfortunately, today I need to share a very heartbreaking aspect. “There is no heartbeat” I don’t have many words and I’m still processing all of this myself. As quickly as this happened, that’s how quickly things have changed,” she penned.

Following this, Monica expressed my same exact truths, noting that this was common, yet heavy and tragic nonetheless. Reaching out to her followers in such a relatable way, Monica stressed that she is “sending so much love to everyone dealing with miscarriages, fertility issues, pregnancy problems, if you have an angel baby, and everything in-between.”

Monica then thanked everyone who had been in her corner. “I am so grateful for my incredible doctors and amazing support system,” she began, adding “I am so blessed to have all of you in my corner and I appreciate how beautiful you all have been to me about this baby. I love you and I’m so thankful for you.”

Grant yourself the space to heal, Monica. Our hearts are with you.