Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 Recap: Will Eric Lose His Job to Stephen?

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 recap
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Welcome back for the Vanderpump Villa, Episode 7 recap. Last time, Hannah fumed after being called out for terrible remarks that she made about Gabriella. This week’s episode, “A Divorce Party,” finds Eric in a downward spiral. Here’s everything that you need to know about Vanderpump Villa, Episode 7!

The morning after

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7
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The next day, after the night out at Carcassonne, Hannah felt like she and Telly were ganged up on by the group. Eric avoided the drama and revealed his secret for peace of mind. Bond with animals. Or as Eric put it, “If you’re having a bad day, squeeze a sheep.” Okay then.

Meanwhile, Emily, Grace, and Priscilla discussed the previous evening. These roomies have bonded since day one. They knew that Priscilla was really homesick. And Emily noticed that Priscilla was pulling away.

Priscilla makes a decision

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 recap
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Lisa called Priscilla into her office. She told her employee that if she decided that going home was the best thing for her, then she supported her decision. Priscilla started to cry because she didn’t want to disappoint Lisa. In fact, Lisa offered her a job if she ever wanted one. So, Priscilla packed up and departed.

Lisa was late to the staff meeting. She told the group that Priscilla left. Everyone was stunned. Emily and Grace were emotional.

Hannah “doesn’t care” that Priscilla is gone. She was thrilled that there was one less female for Marciano to flirt with. When Marciano said he was “cool with it,” Grace fired back. “It should have been you, so you can stop,” she said. 

Lisa makes a change

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7
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Lisa decided that Stephen should run the staff meeting, not Eric. Somebody better bring in Eric’s support sheep. Lisa viewed Stephen as the most responsible person on the staff. 

As Stephen started the meeting, Eric was fuming. He thought that Stephen could never do as good a job as him. 

A new guest of honor, Sara, is arriving in a few hours. She was finalizing her divorce and ready to embrace her new beginning. Her visit will culminate with the Great Gatsby Soiree.

While the staff was pumped by this idea, Eric muttered, “Bullsh*t.” His divorce was the worst experience ever, and this guest event will be triggering for him.  

Meanwhile, Caroline, who also went through a difficult divorce, checked in with Eric. The duo shared a kiss the prevent night in Carcassonne. Eric likened his marriage to “a beautiful painted picture.” However, differing views led Eric to say some things that he didn’t mean. He tried to win his ex-wife back, but by then she “hated” him.

Eric wasn’t happy about being part of a divorce party at the chateau. Or Stephen coming for his job. But Caroline knew how to calm him down. 

In the kitchen, Lisa spotted a giggly and happy Gabriella. Lisa asked who she spent the night with, and Gabriella responded, “You know who. Andre.” But when Lisa found out that Stephen was in the room, but zonked out on Ambien, Lisa wondered if they knew about the cameras. Oh, my! 

Did Hannah realize something about Marciano?

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 recap
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Lisa spent some time with Sara, the guest of honor, as they enjoyed an English tea. Sara’s ex-husband didn’t support her and made her feel bad about anything that she wanted. Then Lisa asked Hannah if she learned anything from their discussion.

She admitted that it “resonates with me a lot.” The guest of honor added that if a man was making you not act like yourself, then he wasn’t the one. Hannah felt like she lost her “sparkle” with Marciano. She wants someone to eventually settle down with.

Time for dinner

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7
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All the guests wore white, and the entire tablescape was also white in honor of a fresh beginning. Stephen wanted to make sure that Eric and Marciano were on their best behavior. Best of luck with that, Stephen.

And let’s not forget the Up in Flames bonfire. Sara’s wedding dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and photos of Sara’s ex-husband from their wedding were all going to be burned. 

The staff was excited to support Sara, but Eric was not. He was appalled that someone would want to burn any memory. “It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Eric said. The entire event was one big trigger, and he can’t afford to lose it right now.

Then Eric went up to one of the guests, asked for a sip of her champagne, then announced that his former wife left him. He chatted up the ladies, wondering how Sara’s ex would feel about the divorce party. Oof.

Is there a masseuse on duty?

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 recap
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One of the guests, Megan, phoned down to the kitchen requesting a massage. Chef Anthony relayed the message to Marciano. So, Eric enthusiastically grabbed the assignment. A few minutes later, Lisa asked Gabriella if someone requested a massage. Gabriella told her that Eric went sprinting upstairs. 

The guest was lying face down on the bed in gym clothing. Eric was massaging the woman, and her booty, with great gusto. Lisa peeked in, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

When Eric left the room, Lisa stopped him. She asked him if he would give a guest a medical procedure if they requested it. Since the chateau doesn’t have a spa, giving private massages wasn’t on the menu. She was not happy with Eric at the moment. Now he was questioning whether he should leave the chateau.

The Great Gatsby Soiree

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7
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This event was amazing. The colors were white, gold, and black. The staff was decked out in their 1920s best, including Lisa. Lisa asked Emily to be a server. She hoped to impress Lisa as a hard worker. 

Eric’s new strategy was to lay low and let everyone see how Stephen performed at this event. Then Lisa will know that she needs Eric. In a shocking turn of events, Hannah complimented Emily. And the dinner went off without a hitch.

Lisa puts Eric in his place, as a new member of staff arrives

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7 recap
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At the staff meeting, Lisa complimented the staff, but there was one person that she was not happy with: Eric. So, Eric will be fixing things at the chateau. But he can’t interact with the guests. Stephen couldn’t hide his grin. 

A new staff member, Nikki Millman, was introduced as the new server. Emily was disappointed that she wouldn’t be continuing to work in the front of the house.

Nikki’s good looks weren’t lost on the male staff. In her first confessional, she commented that Andre was good-looking before a producer informed her that he was with Gabriella. Oops!

Eric and Marciano quickly introduced themselves to Nikki. But Hannah felt like Marciano was acting strangely and suspected that he already knew Nikki. Marciano didn’t know her, but she was his type. And Andre remarked in his confessional that Nikki was “fine as hell.” He added that if Gabriella wasn’t there, he would hook up with Nikki.

As the group bonded with Nikki, Marciano said that they didn’t need her and that they should have kept Emily in the serving position. All to make sure he stays out of trouble with Hannah. But Nikki made a positive impression on everyone except for Hannah. Surprise, surprise.

Hannah makes Nikki cry

Vanderpump Villa Episode 7
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Finally, Nikki, Hannah, and Marciano had a chat. Nikki expressed her shock that some of the group wasn’t happy that she was there. Hannah told her to let it go, but Nikki stood her ground. So, Marciano begged Hannah to let it go.

Instead, Hannah called Nikki a liar. Nikki started to cry, and Hannah exclaimed, “Who the f*ck cries on their first day?” Hannah flounced inside and told everyone that she made Nikki cry. 

Nikki came in, and she accused Hannah of calling her “a liar.” All Marciano wanted was to avoid trouble with Hannah and with Lisa. And Andre was tired of Hannah’s bullying behavior. 

Nikki went to her room, still crying. Hannah and Marciano were fighting once again. Finally, Hannah walked outside, claiming that she was leaving. But we all know that she won’t.

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