Below Deck Season 11 Cast Members We Would Love To See Again

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Getty Images

Below Deck, Season 11 has been interesting so far, with several ups and downs. Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby are the only two returning crew members, who began Season 11 with an all-new cast. While Captain Kerry Titheradge had previously been featured on Below Deck Adventure, Season 11 marks his first appearance on the OG series.

The Below Deck Season 11 cast has been all over the place since the start of the season. While some of the crew members have been extremely likable, others have left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Four cast members in particular have stood out to us so far, both new and old. We sure hope that Bravo will bring these four back at some point soon!

Xandi Olivier

Xandi Olivier is a brand new stewardess on Below Deck Season 11, and I love her. One of the best things about Xandi so far has been her ability to stay out of drama. Chief Stew Fraser has had a hard time managing the interior team all season, but Xandi hasn’t given him any issues. Instead of worrying about what her fellow stews are doing, Xandi is simply concerned about getting through each day without problems.

Furthermore, Xandi is amazing at her job, which always adds brownie points. Xandi has shown a unique talent when it comes to table scaping and also excels at housekeeping. When she’s off duty, Xandi continues to entertain with her hilariously relatable jokes during confessionals. Xandi has been a breath of fresh air on Below Deck Season 11, and I hope she will return next season.

Anthony Iracane

Chef Anthony Iracane has also been a pleasure to watch, and we sure hope that Season 11 won’t be his last. Anthony is arguably one of the best chefs in Below Deck history, he has made some serious magic happen on his plates. The guests have been impressed with Anthony’s meals charter after charter, and we can see why! Anthony is not only a chef, but an artist, as his presentation never fails.

Apart from being amazing at his job, Anthony has also stayed out of the drama just like Xandi. This is always refreshing, as the drama gets old after a while and just isn’t fun to watch. Anthony is enjoyable to watch, whether he is hard at work in the kitchen or cracking jokes during confessionals. My personal favorite is his story about losing his wife to his uncle, that just doesn’t happen every day.

Fraser Olender

This might be a slightly controversial one, but hear me out. Fraser loves the drama more than anyone, but at the end of the day, he is a great Chief Stew. When it comes to his job, Fraser always puts his best foot forward and is always a huge hit with the guests. While there are situations with his fellow crew members that he could handle better, Fraser is nonetheless a ton of fun to watch.

It’s also evident that Fraser is a very kind person, which also makes him enjoyable onscreen. Fraser had a lot of patience with Cat Baugh and did his best to make her comfortable before she ultimately decided to leave. While Fraser is certainly a bit petty at times, he does mean well. Fraser deserves another season to prove himself and continue to grow, so I hope that he will be brought back again as Chief Stew.

Captain Kerry Titheradge

And finally, the best for last! Captain Kerry has done an amazing job leading the crew on Below Deck Season 11, and we hope that he will continue doing so for many seasons to come. After the departure of the iconic Captain Lee Rosbach, Captain Kerry had big shoes to fill. Captain Kerry embraced the challenge head-on and has done a great job so far.

While Captain Kerry has been kind and understanding with the crew, he also has a no-nonsense attitude at times. Captain Kerry made the right decision to fire Bosun Jared Woodin, after giving him plenty of chances to prove himself. On the other hand, Captain Kerry is kind to Cat after she decides that leaving is ultimately the best decision for her. Captain Kerry is a great guy all around, and I hope to see him again after Below Deck Season 11.

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