How Anthony Iracane Is Carrying Below Deck Season 11

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Chef Anthony Iracane made his Below Deck debut on Season 11, where he has become one of the most likable crew members. Despite having one of the toughest jobs on the yacht, Anthony never fails to deliver amazing food. Anthony’s dishes aren’t the only thing that have made him stand out on Season 11, as his attitude and personality are also worth noting. Season 11 has been pretty messy, but Anthony is one of the crew members who makes it worth watching.

Anthony’s dishes have been phenomenal

When it comes to Below Deck charters, guests expect the absolute highest quality of food for the price they pay. Chef Anthony has done an amazing job at exceeding their expectations, and cooks impressive meals charter after charter.

Anthony’s meals have gotten mostly 5 star reviews from the guests, who are impressed by the flavors he whips up in the galley. A lot of the dishes Anthony makes are classics like steak and lobster, but he adds his own flair to elevate them. Anthony has also done a great job with desserts, including elegant poached pears and even a wedding cake! This man can make anything.

In addition to being a Chef, Anthony is also an artist. When it comes to food, the presentation is often just as important as the taste. Anthony truly outdoes himself with the presentation of every course, which has not gone unnoticed by the guests. Between the taste and presentation, Anthony has already whipped up several of the most impressive dishes in Below Deck history.

Anthony takes criticism well

Another great quality of Anthony’s is his ability to handle critique from his fellow crew members. At the beginning of the season, Anthony struggled with getting out dishes to the guests in a timely manner. After Chief Stew Fraser Olender had a conversation with him about this, Anthony immediately began working on the problem. Instead of getting offended by Fraser’s critique, Anthony started brainstorming ideas to help him get better at timing.

Anthony also responded well when Captain Kerry Titheradge gave him suggestions on preparing food for the crew. At the start of the season, Anthony was more concerned with quality rather than quantity when feeding his colleagues. Captain Kerry told him that he could make simpler dishes, but that he needed to get out more food for them. Once again, Anthony was more than happy to listen to the advice, and immediately began making changes.

Anthony stays out of the drama

Season 11 has already had its fair share of drama, although Anthony has stayed out of it completely. The interior team has seen a lot of conflict, such as Barbie Pascual’s feuds with both Fraser and Cat Baugh. While the deck team has not had as many issues, there has recently been a lot of tension between Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis.

Despite being around drama almost all of the time, Anthony has done a great job at staying out of it. This is important, as many of the crew members tend to get distracted from their jobs when there are problems onboard. As the Chef, it is critical that Anthony is always on top of his game, so that no guests or crew members are left hungry.

Anthony is hilarious

There’s no doubt that Anthony is great at what he does, but his upbeat personality also contributes to his onscreen charm. Anthony shocked fans when he revealed what happened between him and his ex-wife in a confessional. After getting married, Anthony’s former wife instead took an interest in his uncle. As Anthony put it, his wife left him for his uncle, which is pretty crazy. These sort of things certainly don’t happen everyday!

Anthony also brings a good perspective to the show as an international chef, who hails from France. This is pretty cool, as France has some of the most exquisite food in the world. Anthony’s French culture is at the heart of everything he does, which is always nice to see.

While Below Deck Season 11 has had some ups and downs, Chef Anthony has certainly contributed towards the ups. He has produced impressive dishes, has been a great team player, and never fails to give viewers a good laugh. We sure hope that he will return for more seasons in the future!