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Marcellus Wiley Slams RHOBH for ‘Wasting My Damn Time’

Marcellus Wiley has shown he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. In a new clip from a podcast interview, Marcellus discussed his wife, Annemarie Wiley’s experience on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During his chat, he said he didn’t mind the filming process; however, he had a strong message for Bravo and the Beverly Hills producers: don’t waste his time. 

“I love the franchise [and] the empire they’ve created. I knew it was going to be drama when I got into it,” Marcellus said on Dan Dakich’s Don’t @ Me. “That doesn’t bother me. What I didn’t like was them wasting my damn time filming 50 million hours in the backyard with me and my kids. We go to play places. I’m coaching. All this stuff.”

“They showed ZERO of it,” he said. “They focused on my wife and esophagus stuff. I didn’t watch one full episode because I was like, ah, that’s what they’re going to do? 

Marcellus said the RHOBH producers played him and his family… 

Annemarie got news she wouldn’t return for the next season of the show after the reunion. In her exit post, she seemed to take a few shots at the production company behind RHOBH. “I just got word today that I will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In her post, she said that she was given instructions, thinking that’s how the “game was played.” 

“Listening to what [they told me] to do was my rookie mistake.”

The former diamond-holder did tape scenes with her mother and family, “but [they were] never shown last season…among other things.”

As Marcellus continued, he reiterated, “Just don’t waste my time.” According to him, the producers “lied to me” regarding “why they wanted to use me and be involved, and then they produced it in an entirely different way.” 

Maybe next time you’ll read the contract. 

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