How the Summer House Cast’s Work Fears Are So Relatable

Summer House
Photo Credit: Randy Brooke/Getty Images

Every week, Bravo viewers tune in to escape their mundane lives and live vicariously through the Summer House cast. The Hamptons crew’s only goal is to live life to the fullest, usually with Kyle Cooke at the helm. But after the worldwide pandemic, viewers have noticed a change in their worries about everyday life. Basically, the cast is dealing with real-life issues of losing their jobs and trying to figure out how to make rent. 

West’s stress is spot on

Season 8 is relaunching the fear that Millenials and now Gen Z viewers have been living with for years. As the coronavirus took hold of our lives and changed how we worked a normal 9-5 job, many of us, including some of our favorite reality stars, started to notice it was harder to keep and find a job. Additionally, employers learned quickly that they could save money by having staff work from home and cutting down on who they employed. 

This season has shown West Wilson dealing with the emotions of losing a job in the Big Apple. The rookie has shared how hard it has been to stay on top of his bills and to date. West noted that he felt embarrassed not to be able to share his work experience when meeting a possible suitor. Luckily, the latest episode showed West landing a job at Complex. The cutie patootie was so excited that he had to strip down to his boxers and jump into the pool to celebrate. Consequently, the relief was palpable and extremely easy to relate to. 

Professions are forever changing 

Like most things in life, sometimes adulting isn’t fun. The Summer House cast has shown more than once that they have had to put their jobs first, even before. Several cast members came to the house late or missed weekends due to weddings or family commitments. Some storylines even focused on Carl Radke being laid off and Danielle Olivera having to bring work to the house.

After watching Summer House over the years, I have noticed that hardly any of the remaining cast members work a traditional 9 to 5. Almost all roomies have become entrepreneurs, which I assume is to make filming a bit easier. However, as a self-employed person, I often see stress, specifically with Kyle, as he tries to balance what is needed to survive financially. 

Kyle is all in with Loverboy. Lindsay, who once was a PR guru, is now an Instagram influencer. Danielle just launched her own fashion app. Paige DeSorbo had her own podcast and fashion page and Ciara Miller is working as a model. 

Some of the cast is lost

No one told me that even in my mid-30s, I might not have my whole life worked out. I think that Carl also missed the memo because he is still very much finding himself. The 39-year-old has floated from job to job, with some of them, like his position at Loverboy, being handed to him. But when something doesn’t go perfectly, he tends to shut down. I believe many of the Summer House viewers could easily relate to Carl’s struggles. We have all been overwhelmed with the ins and outs of living life. And there isn’t any shame in that. 

Work/fun balance

I do believe that Summer House shows fans how to keep a healthy work/life balance. In a world where we are expected to answer emails at all times of the day and skip vacations, it is nice to see a group of successful people put work on hold. Now, none of the cast has ever encouraged just quitting work. But most do seem to embrace a life that isn’t all-consuming. The balance between making summer fun and earning a living is well done. So, if there is one lesson fans can learn, it is to enjoy the time we are given without forgetting to work hard.