Celebs That Would Be a Great Lead for the Golden Bachelor Season 2

Photo Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

The first season of The Golden Bachelor was a ton of fun but had a somber ending. Gerry Turner made history as the show’s first leading man, at the age of 72. At the end of his journey, he got engaged to Theresa Nist after falling in love with her. The pair decided to marry as soon as the show finished airing, but their honeymoon phase didn’t last long. After only three months of marriage, the former couple announced that they planned to divorce.

While The Golden Bachelor Season 1 may not have been a success, it doesn’t mean that future seasons can’t be. Perhaps ABC could spice things up a little by choosing a celebrity for the lead. This would engage viewers even more, and give the show a better chance of success. The following four Golden men would make amazing leads, so hear us out ABC!

Lenny Kravitz

The first celebrity that comes to mind for the next Golden Bachelor is none other than Lenny Kravitz! Lenny is the perfect choice for the role, and at 59 years old he’s also the perfect age. When it comes to the lead of any Bachelor Nation show, viewers want to see someone who stands out. Lenny is a musician and an actor and never shies away from standing out in a crowd.

Lenny has been single for some time now, and it seems like he is ready to find love again. Recently, Lenny has even indicated that he hopes to get married again eventually. If Lenny were to become the next Golden Bachelor, he would definitely take the process seriously. While Gerry might not have been able to find lasting love, Lenny could be able to.

Hugh Jackman

Another celebrity who could be a great fit for the next season of The Golden Bachelor is Hugh Jackman. Hugh is currently 55, which makes him just old enough to be a candidate for the role. After starring in hit films like The Wolverine and The Greatest Showman, Hugh has made it big in Hollywood. Hugh would certainly be a big hit with the ladies, so ABC may just want to consider reaching out to him.

After separating from his wife of 27 years in 2023, Hugh is ready to get back on the dating scene. Since Hugh is already comfortable being in the spotlight, The Golden Bachelor could potentially be a great fit for him.

Kevin Costner

At the age of 69, Kevin Costner would be the perfect lead for The Golden Bachelor Season 2. Kevin is a well-rounded individual, with ventures in both acting as well as the music industry. Most recently, Kevin has risen to fame after starring in the hit television series Yellowstone. Furthermore, Kevin is also a member of a country rock band, which will certainly earn him points with the ladies!

Kevin is new on the market after his divorce was finalized a few months ago in February. After being married for nearly 20 years, Kevin is once again in a position to get back out there. Kevin certainly has a lot to offer, and his maturity makes him a great option for the next lead.

Special Mention – Mark Anderson

While Mark Anderson might not be a celebrity to most people, he is to hardcore Bachelor Nation fans. Mark is the father of Kelsey Anderson, who won the most recent season of The Bachelor. Kelsey is now happily engaged to Joey Graziadei, after falling in love on The Bachelor Season 27.

Bachelor Nation viewers first met Mark during Kelsey’s hometown date. Kelsey opened up about the passing of her mother earlier in the season and expressed gratitude for Mark’s strength. It is evident that Kelsey and Mark have a great relationship, and he seems to be just as fun as she is.

After hometowns, Bachelor Nation viewers began lobbying for Mark to become the next Golden Bachelor. During The Bachelor Season 27 finale, Jesse Palmer even joked that Mark should consider the role. If Mark is ready to be the Golden Bachelor, then he would be the perfect candidate. Mark is already familiar with Bachelor Nation and knows that the process can work.