Vanderpump Villa Reunion Recap: Blind Items and Breakups

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After the Vanderpump Villa finale aired this week, the reunion immediately followed. Whereas this season ended with everyone on a high, the reunion showcased the opposite. There were tears, fights, and broken ‘ships all over Hulu’s sound stage. Let’s review all of this mess that just transpired at the Vanderpump Villa reunion.

Lights, camera, action, and Eric

As the staff gathers together, Lisa notes that “This isn’t nearly a reunion. It’s a critical evaluation, to determine if” she should “consider their employment in the future.” The staff doesn’t seem to be aware of this though, as they’re backstage happily getting ready.

For now.

As everyone takes their seats, host Karamo Brown and Lisa dive right in. At this point, Lisa addresses the massive elephant in the room. Eric’s absence.

“Long after leaving the chateau, we learned, along with the rest of the world, about an allegation from Eric’s past. While that allegation was dismissed in short order, and no further action taken, we thought it best that Eric not be here today, to keep the focus on the reason that we’re all here, and that’s getting the staff together to serve up some tea,” Lisa quips.

Chateau sh*t show

Vanderpump Villa reunion
Photo Credit: Hulu via YouTube

After watching a montage of their season, Karamo asks Lisa if she was surprised at all by what she saw. She was. Therefore, she says that she will be holding her staff accountable today.

Andre and Gabriella are the first ones in the hot seat. Sadly, they are no longer together, but they are still friends. Real life is to blame. It happens.

However, their costars have a different take. When Karamo asks Andre if his intentions were real, he nods yes, but Hannah and Marciano say nope. “They’re so fake,” Marciano retorts, adding “She would’ve had sex with anyone. Andre was just the only one who wanted to.”


Lisa jumps in here, alongside several of the other females. Marciano hates this, saying “I would’ve never had sex with any one of you girls. Y’all are disgusting as hell.” Lisa calls him out after this for his constant disrespect shown towards women, as do Andre and Grace.

Back to Andre and Gabriella, Karamo notes that a blind item was swirling during filming, This blind stated that Andre had a girlfriend back home. However, Andre makes it clear that they had actually separated before filming, but Marciano and Hannah jump back in to disagree. However, Andre hits back, pointing out that Hannah had been talking to Eric while with Marciano, so basically, shut up.

Hannah on Eric and Marciano


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Speaking of Hannah and Eric, another montage plays, showing how close these two were this season. Eric brought Hannah out of her shell, and she still “loves him dearly.” However, she left the villa with Marciano.

To date, these two are rocky again, but their “sex is great.” However, they moved out of the honeymoon stage once filming wrapped, so they are now trying to figure out their next steps. For the record, Marciano did not cheat.

Or did he? In addressing a leaked image of himself at a bar with a brunette, Marciano explains that he was with “coworkers and other friends.” Stephen calls him out on this though, saying that if Hannah had been snapped with another man, Marciano would’ve lost his mind. “First off, you don’t know sh*t about what we’ve been through, and what I’ve allowed her to do,” Marciano responds, leaving his costars on red, repeating the phrase “allow her?!”

Despite all of this, Hannah’s madder at her female costars than she is with Marciano. In fact, Hannah exits the stage for a bit, after her bickering with Gabriella gets a bit too personal. Thankfully, the producers were able to bring her back.

“Fake ass B*tches”

Vanderpump Villa reunion
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Yet another montage plays, and this one shows Hannah popping off on her costars. Karamo clocks her as being “the common denominator,” but Hannah just smiles, saying that she regrets nothing. She does however apologize to Gabriella, who accepts.

As for her relationship with Priscila though, Hannah’s still pressed. In turn, her cast labels her as insecure. Hannah hits back that almost every woman in America feels this way, which, fair.

On Lisa’s end, she’s now finding that Marciano and Hannah’s antics at the reunion are “giving her pause” on their futures at her villa. They’re hard workers, but together, she’s “not so sure.” Now, she’s wondering if maybe she should just bring back one, but not the other.

Changed friendships

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While Eric isn’t present, Emily is, so she can speak out on their brief romance. That said, Grace shares that watching back this season was hard for her, as Emily’s her friend, and she’s scared about how Eric talks to women. She wants Emily to inherit the world, but Eric isn’t it.

These girls have since fallen out of favor post-filming because Grace isn’t willing to be friends with everyone on this cast. “A friend to all is a friend to none,” Grace explains.

Gabriella and Telly are now okay though. Kinda. As are Nikki and Hannah.

Priscila’s up next, noting that her leaving was the best decision that she could have ever made for her mental health. At this, Hannah begins to cry, because she understands mental health journeys. Gabriella softens at this, telling Hannah that she knows she is a good human. Yet, her words don’t land as planned, so Hannah now “needs time” on this friendship.

For a few final notes, Nikki’s now engaged, and Chef Anthony is the agreed-upon VIP of this cast. Due to this, he received another bonus, and he will likely be back on our screens once again very soon.

Vanderpump Villa is available to stream on Hulu.