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Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 Reunion Trailer Revealed

Season 2 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard may have come to an end, but the drama is far from over. Bravo posted a peek at the explosive sit-down, airing Sunday, May 26, and this group laid it all on the table. Let’s get into it. 

SHMV stars aren’t holding back during their first reunion 

Andy Cohen had plenty to address with the cast of SHMV. As the season began, the biggest issue involved Jasmine Ellis Cooper’s strained relationship with the group. “No one was getting along with you, really,” Shanice Henderson said, which looked like it was aimed at the mother of one. Jordan Emanuel also jumped into the conversation, saying she didn’t recognize Jasmine during Season 1. “It was like you were trying to puppeteer us,” she said. 

Elsewhere in the reunion trailer, Summer House newbie Noelle Hughley came for Amir Lancaster, saying his girlfriend was the cause of a lot of the house’s drama during the last few days. “I’m not gonna lie,” she said. “Your girlfriend was messy as hell.” 

But the drama didn’t stop there. Summer Marie Thomas, who ruffled many of her co-star’s feathers this season, might have gotten herself into deeper waters after shading Shanice’s fashion sense for a second time. Fans will remember their brief argument earlier in the season when Summer slammed Shanice as the worst-dressed among the group. 

“You were like, ‘Oh, can I borrow a sweater?'” Shanice stated. “If I’m the worst dressed, don’t come to my room—” she continued before Summer cut her off, saying, “Yeah, ’cause I know how to pair it, and you don’t.”

They’ll unpack the rest of the summer’s biggest topics, including Nick Arrington’s wandering eyes, Alex Tyree’s f*ck boy status, and why Amir believed every girl in the house was crazy over him. 

Catch the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard reunion this Sunday at 9/8c.