Nick Arrington and Amir Lancaster
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Nick Arrington ‘Surprised’ by Amir Lancaster’s Behavior on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 has come to an end, but that’s not stopping the drama. The last few episodes have been quite the rollercoaster ride after Amir Lancaster’s girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, stirred up trouble among Nick Arrington and some of the girls. 

At first, Nick was frustrated with the women for spreading petty lies. But now that he’s seen everything that went down, he noticed Amir had his hand in the mess, too. 

During his Watch What Happens Live appearance, Nick told Andy Cohen he was “surprised” by Amir’s actions. He also told the Bravo figurehead where they stand today. 

Nick isn’t feeling Amir’s shady behavior 


SummerHouseMV’s Nicholas “Nick” Arrington says he was surprised that Amir Lancaster didn’t shut it down when his girlfriend Natalie Cortes brought up the handsy conversation. #WWHL

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After listening to a fan question about feeling surprised by Amir’s behavior, Nick said he “was definitely surprised.” 

If you watched Season 2, you would’ve heard Amir and Nick talk about their growing relationship from the year before. Nick told Andy that they “grew extremely close” before saying he also supported his activities outside of the show. 

“So, yeah, the fact that he didn’t, like, come to me, man to man, or look after me and have my back … very surprised.” Nick also hinted that there hasn’t been a formal apology. 

“Has he apologized? Sort of. Just an ‘I’m sorry’ text.” 

Truthfully, Nick should be happy with that. After watching the last season, it’s apparent Amir doesn’t know how to apologize or own his actions — hello, Mariah Torres

I didn’t expect him to apologize either, especially after watching him interact with Bria Fleming the way he did in the Season 2 finale. It’s almost like he doesn’t understand that his girlfriend was the cause of all of this mess in the first place. 

Either way, if there’s a Season 3, fans are hoping he won’t be part of it since he gave quite the ultimatum to Bravo. Once we find out, you know we’ll be talking about it. 

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard continues on Sundays at 9/8c.