Is There Trouble in Paradise for The Valley’s Nia and Danny Booko?

Nia and Danny Booko
Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images

I do not like that there are rumors that fan favorites of The Valley, Nia Booko and Danny Booko, are in trouble. These two are diamonds in the rough in a sea of failing marriages. Between the Lallys and Taylors, the Bookos are a breath of fresh air that seems to prove a marriage can survive on reality TV. No one was counting on the newest Bravo spinoff to be such a success, but the show has won over fans with the help of the delightful couple. 

Nia has been extremely open with her postpartum depression, allowing viewers to see the day-to-day struggle. Danny is the calming force in the group, especially among the men. He has tried his best to share his insight and lead the entire group in a more mature direction. But could all this lovey-dovey talk be a really good acting job, like his zombie noises? I sure hope not. 

Danny cracks

No one said that having newborn twins and a toddler would be easy. For the most part, Danny seemed to be taking it all in stride, but the preview for the next episode showed Danny losing his cool and breaking down with his friends. The father of three is shown around the campfire, bawling with his head in his hands. Danny tells the guys, “I don’t have thick skin. I’m going through a lot, guys.” As the dude rally around the actor, he continues, “I’m up every two hours changing diapers, putting kids on boobs. It’s a lot. I do it all.”

Now, I recently helped my sister recover from surgery, and I was struggling with the lack of sleep. So, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to wake up throughout the evening to take care of babies who can’t explain what ails them. Danny clearly seems at his wits’ end, and I wonder if Nia knows. Is Danny trying to be the hero and pretend to be strong for his wife? I can only imagine this line of thinking will end up hurting him in the long run. 

Jax spills the tea

The OG villain, Jax Taylor, just can’t help himself when it comes to gossip. He is like a shark in the water that smells blood. He attacks. Before the sneak peek was released, Jax had already taken to social media to drop a few breadcrumbs for viewers. Sadly it seems Jax is implying that The Valley’s cutest couple isn’t unbreakable. A fan took to X to share, “Sorry @mrjaxtaylor I genuinely love you and Britt, but I want to cry every time I see these too.” But the father of one wasn’t going to be dethroned, replying, “Will see how this ages…” 

The clapback comes amid rumors that Jax has cheated on his wife, Brittany Cartwright. So it could be that the father of one was just trying to deflect onto someone else. But why throw his own friend under the bus? Well, this wouldn’t be the first time Jax sacrificed a friend in hopes of saving himself. 

Nia and Danny are back for Season 2

The good news amongst all the chaos is that both Danny and Nia have signed on for The Valley Season 2. Nia spoke with Entertainment Tonight, sharing, “I feel like it just keeps getting better.” This statement gives hope to followers that all is well in the neighborhood. Nia went on to share, “If you’ve already been enjoying all the craziness that we’ve had, it’ll continue to come. There are ups and downs and relationships, and there are even some things that Daniel and I deal with that you haven’t seen yet. I think it’s going to be something that will still keep people on their toes.”

The cryptic end to the statement does seem to confirm the rumors. But clearly, the duo is working through their rocky bits and will hopefully emerge from it more united than ever.